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NAMA Replaces Obsolete Facilities With New ILS



The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has concluded plans to deploy new Instrument Landing Systems (ILSs) like the Distance measuring equipment (DME), DVOR Doppler VOR (DVOR) to replace obsolete facilities at the nation’s airports.

Already, NAMA is extending the VHF coverage in Northern Nigeria, to address the communication challenges due to blind spots. This will cover Kaduna, Jos, Enugu and Benin.

The DME is a transponder-based radio navigation technology that measures slant range distance by timing the propagation delay of VHF or UHF radio signals, just as this would help to enhance pilot-air traffic controller communication.

Director, Safety Electronics and Engineering Services (DSEES) of the agency, Umar Ahmad Faruk,  said this  when the newly-elected executive of the National Association of Air Traffic Engineers (NAAE) met with him in his office.

He said the deployment of the expensive equipment would  be in phases starting with the busiest airports like Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

Faruk stated that similarly, ten watt radios were already in place with the capacity to cover 150 nautical miles on aerodrome and approach, adding that the requirement is 70 miles coverage.

He further disclosed that the equipment for both Lagos west and east and Kano west and east have the capacity to cover 241 nautical miles at 41,000 feet and beyond depending on the line of sight.

Similarly, he stated that NAMA is going fully, the renewable green energy way, with solar power installations for all navigational and communications field equipment, stressing that NAMA was determined by the end of 2018 to ensure all equipment are solar powered.

He noted that the process of conversion, modifications and testing were already in full gear.

“Ratings are being developed for power systems. Similarly, batches of engineers are already on standby to proceed to the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), Zaria for various trainings inclusive of ATSEP preparatory training,” he said.






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