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Nigerians Should Continue Praying For PMB- Niger Delta Group



By Jonathan Nda- Isaiah

Nigerians have been urged as a matter of national interest to continue in prayers for President Muhammadu Buhari continued recovery as the country want him back to continue his good works.

In a statement by the convener of the Pan- Nigeria group, Niger Delta Peoples Council, Chief Mike Loyibo, said Nigerians need to show President Buhari more love and goodwill more than ever before.

According to him, corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of the Nigerian society and the president has done well in doggedly fighting and defeating corruption to sanitize governance.

He said” We urge Nigerians as a matter of National interest to continue in prayers for the President’s continued recovery. We want him back to continue his good works. We need to show him more love and goodwill more than ever before.

“We must not allow him to leave the country for the bad people because as a nation, our problem is corruption and he has done so well in doggedly fighting and defeating corruption to sanitize governance.

“We commend the Acting President for his loyalty and competence in steering the ship in the absence of the president. We generally urge Nigerians to continue to support the Federal Government to succeed,”

He also lambasted the National Assembly for rejecting devolution of powers to states in last week’s constitution amendment voting describing the lawmakers as anti- people.

“The National Assembly decided to ignore the voices of the people that elected them by voting against Bill No. 3 that would have devolved power to the states. The music today is devolution of power and there have been voices in support from all parts of the country. The National Assembly has become anti-people which is totally not acceptable, ” he added.

He expressed disappointment that an APC controlled National assembly could not deliver on the bill on devolution of powers being one of the major campaign promises as enshrined in APC’s constitution.

According to him”They have failed Nigerians and history will not forgive the principal actors of this ignoble act. A ‘YES’ vote will have gone a long way in dousing the tension in the Nation today.

“This goes a long way to show how detached they are from the people they represent. It was an opportunity to lay the foundation for a true Federation which would have gone a long way in demonstrating APC’s sincerity to lead the nation in the right direction.”

Loyibo also called on South East Leaders to call the leader of the Indigenous People of biafa( IPOD) Nnamdi Kanu to order saying he has become a public nuisance and should be made to abide by his bail conditions.

” He is playing a game and every one should know this. He wants security operatives to arrest him to create a crisis. Nobody is bigger that the Nation and he should be curtailed. Major leaders in the south east should call him to order before it gets too messy.

He should be declared persona non grata in all other states. His activities should be restricted to only his Local Government Area,” he said.

On the Niger Delta, he said President Buhari took the right step towards a permanent solution to the age long crisis that had bedeviled the Niger Delta by constituting a high powered committee chaired by the Acting President who has demonstrated so much passion and commitment towards region.

He noted that they have consulted widely and a road map has already been fashioned out as the Federal Government should not allow any group to slow her down, rather immediate action should be taken to tackle already identified issues.

He said the Oil Companies should be compelled to relocate to the region as previously instructed by the Acting President.

He added ; The Maritime University needs immediate action. There’s so much to do about the idea of modular refineries. We are tired of waiting, there is need for immediate action.

“PANDEF does not represent all interest groups in the region. No group should engage the Federal government on lengthy talks at this time. We have gone beyond that and beside, PANDEF is not a total and accurate reflection of the region.

“Agreed, arrests and prisons cannot quench the voice of the struggle in the Niger Delta. At the same time, nobody should use militancy to blackmail the Federal government. The Federal Government should go ahead to implement based on the road map that’s already carved pout,” he stated.



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