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Gov Abubakar’s Harvest Of Honours And Recognitions



By Musa Bala

In the complex scene and act of leadership where failures and imperfections have become the order of the day by taking the centre stage in coterminous descriptions of the leaders and their characters and perceptions towards pilotage and power. There seems to be a loss of hope and bright side by the multitude of followers who lived in an absolute despondency and despair, making the erstwhile leaders to be celebrated and becoming a yardstick to calibrate the nature and performance of today’s carte blanche political hegemony.

Grappling with the roll call of selfless leaders in Nigeria, names like that of the Sir Ahmadu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Samuel Akintola, and others, the endless list is always resonating with thunderous applause whenever they’re being mentioned. Today, decades after they’ve passed on, yet posterity is judging them right because their progenitors and the present political generation see them as embodiments and symbols of good governance and archetypes of purposeful leadership.

In any rupture, there’s also possibility of creating uncommon heroes as there is a silent few that write their names in the sand of history for their uncommon accomplishments in their services to humanity cum sustainable progress of the society and they aren’t only praised and adored but also taken as a model for those who wish to toe the line of success and accomplishment.

There is an adage that says; a golden fish has no hiding place and the present Bauchi State governor, His Excellency, Barrister Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar has, within two years of his stewardship, distinguished himself as a selfless and altruistic leader who sees leadership as an act of giving back to the society, the needed devotion for the betterment and the common good for all to thrive.

In spite of the paucity of funds and dwindling revenue, Gov. Abubakar has superlatively recorded remarkable feats in all the sectors of the state’s economy. Befitting and strategic roads have been constructed in all the nooks and crannies of the state and the 20 local government areas which have suitably opened up rural roads for transportation of goods and services, increased accessibility of health care services, reduced traveling time, reduced accidents, and he has equally stepped-up the economy of the state. Hospitals and procurement of drugs have been accorded utmost priority as 20 health care centres have been constructed in all the local government areas of the state while health related educational institutions have either been upgraded or reconstructed accompanied with viable policies and strategies for their effective utilisation and sustainability. Equally, like education, security, agriculture cum human capital development have been part of the government prioritised areas.

In fact, it will be interesting and a point abutment to discover that, while many states including the oil rich Niger Delta owed backloggs of workers’ salaries despite collecting elephantine bailout from the federal government, Gov. Abubakar went beyond prompt payment of civil servants’ monthly emoluments to settling out all the huge salary debts he inherited from the previous administration of the state. That has earned him recommendations from the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) as a civil service friendly governor.

For these reasons, the plethora of encomiums, honours, and recognitions from different angles on Gov. Abubakar, suffice to say that, it’s putting a square peg into square hole. Recently, history was made at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) where Gov. Abubakar was honoured with a prestigious Certificate of Excellence in recognition of his steadfastness and outstanding achievements in delivering the dividends of democracy to the good people of Bauchi State. During the last Abuja 2017 Housing Show, and in justification of his commitment to housing development, Gov. Abubakar has won the award of the ‘Best Governor on Urban Renewal’. The award came up after a team of housing and urban development professionals were dispatched to Bauchi and independently inspected the state urban development progress under the leadership of Gov. Abubakar.

Basically, these awards are to celebrate the uncommon people and their unique and outstanding performances in entrenching good and corporate governance cum democratic sustainability. The nomination of His Excellency, Gov. Abubakar lies in the fact that, he has remained the personification of courage and resilience under immense and daunting pressure occasioned with higher demand amidst dwindling revenue and meager resources which would have ordinarily overwhelmed a lesser man or a less tenacious personality.

In two years of his stewardship, Gov. Abubakar has performed creditably in all spheres of socio-economic reckoning in Bauchi State with his sterling achievements in the area of road construction, provision of affordable health and maternity care, revolution in the educational sector, manpower development, potable water to urban and rural communities, support for boosting of agricultural production, youth and women empowerment and the beefing up of critical security apparatus across the length and breadth of the ‘Home of Tourism’ and that has endeared him more to his supporters and beyond Bauchi State he’s always recognised by agencies of government, private and non-government organisations and lot more.

Therefore, with him, Bauchi is in a safer hand and very soon, more and more projects will surely beehive the state and more of the awards and recognitions of selfless service to humanity will also follow. For, all of these solid projects he executed are clear testimonies that will be used to adjudge Gov. Abubakar even for generations yet to come. Bauchi State has never had it so good than this time.

– Bala wrote in from Bauchi



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