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Why I Don’t Publicise My Projects – Nafisa Abdullahi



In this five minute chat with Mubarak Umar, Kannywood superstar, Nafisa Abdullahi bares her mind on the current situation in the industry and shares some of good news to her fans.

You were off-screen for a quite sometimes, what’s new?

Actually, I will not say I am off-screen, it is just something like break. And I did that to concentrate on my new project which will hit screen soonest.

You know as an actor, it is good to stay aside and think big. Film is not only for your fans, but for everybody. When you want give the best, you have to think well so that you come out with better ideas that will be generally accepted.

How many projects are at your hand right now?

My name gets attached to a lot of films. I can’t give a yes or no to this, until my dates are sorted. I have locked many scripts now but I cannot announce anything until all the details are finalised. But whatever my next own production film will be — I promise you, it will be very exciting.

I have talked about other films but there has not been any discussion yet. Being peoples’ favourite doesn’t mean that I will be part of every film. My break has to do with find new ideas and stories that will be good to the audience. Film is about sending a particular message in an entertaining way.

How far you’ve gone on your new project?

We are right now on set. I can say 70% of the movie is completed. But you know, nowadays, things have change. So we have new strategists in marketing it to the international standard. We no longer thinking of selling our movies anyhow. New measures have been put in place to ensure that the film is released in Nigeria, Niger and some part of Cameroon.

When are you releasing the film?

I can’t mention that for now. All I know is we are working hard to bring out the best. It is just a matter of time. When we are set, story will be all over that we are releasing our film.

Can you share some experience regarding your new project?

No yet. I have reason of keeping my projects away from peoples’ eyes before completion. When you showed what you are up to, it may likely affect you at the initial stage. But I want assure my fans that, the Nafisa Abdullahi they know, has totally change in this film. That is why I said, we think big. Thinking big ideas enable you learn so many things and come out with the best.

My next project is different from what people watched before. It is the same me, but in a bit that cinema-goers will say yes, we see something new.




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