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Northern States Pastors’ Forum And Kwankwaso’s Phenomenon



By Binta Rabiu Spikin

Known for his adroit and manipulative political calculation as as a politician worth his salt, immediate past governor of Kano state and now serving Senator , Senator Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso who is the grand commander of Kwankwasiyya in Nigeria can be said to belong to the elitist ruling oligarchy, in contemporary Nigeria’s political history.

He had undoubtedly risen to stardom courtesy of his ability and capacity to weather every political storm and was known to have withstand the bad taste of graveyard humour anytime his political foes put him on the defensive, a rare courageous trait that made his loyalists, admirers and friends to see him as a spitting image of a potential presidential material, who had possessed the gut to call shots in the position of leadership.

He was popularly revered as one who commands the loyalty and admiration of the grassroot as a true champion of the masses, whose innate desire is to use the tax payers’ money to serve humanity with diligence at the time when politician of his ilk are kept in the  lurch, wobbling like a sinking ship that lost its chart and direction in the sea.

What had noticeably made him to stand  tall among his peers , was his effrontery in calling the bluff of those who believed that they have the temerity to drag his reputation in the mud, forgetting the fact that he had various options on his table as his trump card, and that many of his contemporaries dared not to spit their scorn on him, for he had stoutly stand to defend.

As one currently occupying a prominent position in the Senate, he is still regarded as one who belonged to the ruling oligarchy , running from pillar to post seeking to prove his prowess as a politician.

Senator Kwankwaso is becoming a phenomenon in the quest to reposition the country on a promising and sound pedestal at the time when people of diverse religious and ethnic affiliations saw in him the ability and capacity to identify themselves with.

The recent visit paid to him by the Northern States Pastors Forum which in the words of its spokesman, Archbishop David, was mooted to extend a hand of fellowship to him, having demonstrated his commitment to address knotty issues that bordered on religion, ethnicity and all forms of discrimination against certain groups by those who were supposed to guard against the evil deed.

According to Archbishop David, Nigeria is beset of woes ranging from poverty, illiteracy and squalor which need swift and rapid intervention of  people like him, whose track record of being a major unifying force had never been questionable under whatever guise and chose to light his kindle in both ends to the consternation of his ardent critics who take solace in casting a slur on him.

He said the courtesy visit had been conceived to register their confidence in his ability to jettison the myriad of woes militating against the unity and cohesion of the north, which the northern states pastors are hoping to see that his intervention would absolutely prevail to  douse the cynical permutations of the most aggrieved.

The historic  visit paid to the immediate past governor of Kano state, had indeed opened a new vista of hope and guarded optimism that he would be gingered to  take the gauntlet in  listening  to positive exhortations on the need  to  get fully prepared as leader of the northern part of the country.

The ball for acceding to such a demand lies in the court of Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to make or mar considering the persistent clamour for a clear paradigm shift, in the face of the inescapable fact.

Its pertinent to note that as Nigerians jubiliate over the safe return of President MuhammaduBuhari back to Nigeria after a succesful medical trip to the UK,  the grand Commander of Kwankwasiyya in Nigeria, SenaorRabiuKwankwaso has congratulated and commended Nigerians for their steadfastness in prayers and moral support to the President while he was away.

Above all, Kwankwaso also thanked God for bringing the President back to Nigeria hale and hearty, saying that God has answered the prayers of Nigerians and friends of Nigerians across the globe by healing and returning President Buhari home in better health.

Describing Nigerians as “wonderful people who have a very high degree of patriotism” and urged for continued prayers to the nation and its leaders, saying that a society is only as good as its leaders.

– Binta, a media Aide to Senator Kwankwaso, wrote in from Kano.





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