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Community Relations- A Means To Curb Starvation In Nigeria



By Popoola Idowu Abosede

Overtime we’ve seen Africa (the dark continent) being plagued with a lot of suffering and difficulties and the inability to enjoy the benefit of good living and the rights to some basic social amenities that will help sharpen the lives of individuals and its environs. One of those things fundamental to human existence and good living is the ability to feed properly.

In Africa today, starvation has become a common trend and very difficult to curb, because of the mismanagement of funds/resources and carelessness of African leaders towards ensuring a proper feeding of citizens.

Over here in Africa quite a large number of children are suffering from starvation. This has led to numerous diseases, death and other abnormal situations affecting these innocent children. As a matter of fact, Nigeria seems to be suffering from starvation too.

The self-acclaimed giant of Africa and the most populous black nation cannot boast of adequate reforms in ensuring that hungry children in local communities can feed properly (balanced diet). Nigeria, as it were, is faced with so many challenges and one of these challenges is that of starvation. But be thou as it may, with our richness in mineral resources and wealth in agricultural farm land, it expedient that those at the helm of affairs can make the most out of these blessings to curb the issue of starvation in our communities.

Conversely, with the current population of Nigeria spanning to over 170miilion people and with 60% of the population as children, we should be conscious of the side effect it may bring in the foreseeable future.

However, in curbing starvation within Nigeria, several multi-national corporations, business enterprise, and companies should step-in to help communities who are faced with starvation. As part of the social responsibilities of these multi-national corporations, companies and enterprises, they can organise a programme line of action that will ensure that children in rural communities can feed well, and enjoy three square meal a day like their peers in the western world.

Similarly, these individuals or group of individuals can serve as a lifesaver to future prospects in our communities. It is the exclusive right of a child to enjoy proper feeding and in achieving this, a kind of outreach programme can also be organized. Years back we’ve seen the United Nations on several occasions lend their support financially and materially to hungry children across Africa and even Nigeria, this economic institution and industry can emulate the United Nations by giving out funds, and other materials to foster the well being of this hungry children.

Corporate bodies can introduce free feeding in our local primary and secondary schools as a means of reaching out there ideas and humanitarian services to these people (a form of community relations). A perfect example of where this kind of program can be done is in the south-south region and north-eastern region of Nigeria. Food and beverage companies like Dangote Group, Nettle Foods, Hilal and a host of others can also carry out this kind of programme to help this children feed properly and have a healthy life. By so doing this will foster their market options, environment and strengthen customer/relation.

More so, these institutions can also help in funding farmers and herdsmen in improving their farm produce and proper rearing of their animals. If this can be done farmers can purchase adequate farm tools for their day to day farming activities, boost man-power, practice mechanized farming and buy good fertilizers for their farm produce. Herdsmen too can rear animals properly, buy vaccine for their animals and even create space for their animals to graze upon. With all these in place children in rural communities will not lack food and we as Nigerians can be sure of a hunger-free generation.

Conclusively, it is highly imperative and fundamental that a child should enjoy the rights to good and healthy living. Corporate organization and NGO’s should help the government to lessen their burden as the problem of Nigeria is too numerous to contend with. Government as well can reach out to these organizations and sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) or sign treaties with incoming corporate bodies and foreign investors to help curb starvation in Nigeria.

– Abosede, writes from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba – Akoko