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Senator Misau: Bringing Down The Image Of The Senate – By Olukayode Abayomi



Definitely, these are not the best of times for the Nigerian Senate. This is because,  the most revered, honourable chamber and the highest law making organ of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has been infiltrated by some elements who can best be described as ‘dishonourable, disgruntled and chronic liars’. They also lack any iota of integrity and honour to warrant them step into the Red Chamber, let alone sit there as senators.

This, the leadership of the Senate must act fast by flushing out such bad elements in order to regain and maintain its ‘distinguished’ status.

The sorry state of the Senate came to the fore recently when a serving senator representing Bauchi Central who is also the Senate Committee chairman on Navy, Senator Isah Hamman Misau, raised spurious allegations against the Nigeria Police Force.

In his allegations, Misau said that the police authorities collect bribe for special promotions. As sensitive as the allegation is, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, immediately inaugurated a Special Investigation Panel on August 11, 2017, to investigate the allegations so as to ensure that disciplinary actions are meted out to those who might be found guilty.

The  terms of reference of the panel include to investigate the complaints from Senator Isah Hamma Misau on allegations that Police officers pay bribe for special promotion; to investigate other complaints, petitions and grievances from Police officers within the Force and from other members of the public on allegations of giving money for promotion, either special or otherwise and to determine the substance of the complaints, petitions and grievances from aggrieved Police officers and members of the public on allegations of giving money for special promotion.

Other terms of reference include to determine those who were involved and to recommend appropriate judicial action and other punishments as it is appropriate in line with the provisions of Public Service Rules Section 030401 (j) (k) and other statutory enabling laws/Acts.

In order to give the Senator the opportunity to meet with the committee face to face and ‘expose further’ the alleged corrupt practices going on in the police force, he was invited, but, unfortunately,  fail to honour the invitation.

“The Special Investigation Panel sent two invitation letters to Senator Isah Hamman Misau: (i) for him to meet with the Panel, was sent through the Senate President (ii) while, the other was written directly to him to provide evidence in written form  to substantiate and shed light on his allegations and assist the panel to carry out a thorough and discreet investigation into the matter, but he declined and when some members of the panel visited him, he bluntly refused to make statement on his allegations,” the Force Spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, revealed.

Having refused to utilise the opportunity given to him to speak further on the allegations so that the police can take the appropriate measures to sanitise the system and prevent a recurrence of such corrupt tendencies, (if discovered to be true), he again granted another interview and called on the Department of State Services (DSS), to probe the Nigeria Police Force and the Police Service Commission (PSC) over alleged of bribery for special promotions.

The question thus is: Is that the manner and way a ‘Distinguished’ senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is supposed to behave? This, therefore, called to question the integrity and uprightness of Misau. This also conflicts and challenged his capacity, maturity and worthiness to be called a Distinguish Senator. He should therefore come out and tell the world the REAL grouse he is having with the Nigeria Police Force. He should come out and tell the world what is his motive and who is sponsoring him.

It would be recalled that recently, Senator Misau was attacked by angry youth of his constituency at Manu Primary school in Ningi town for alleged non-performance. It is also worthy of note that Misau was, before joining politics, a Deputy Superintendent of the Nigeria Police.  Misau who also bear the name -DSP Mohammed Isah Hamman became ADC to the FCT Minister, Aliyu Maddibo in July, 2007.

He was also ADC to Adamu Aliero in 2008 and then another FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed, from 2009 to 2010 before he deserted the NPF to contest Senatorial election in Bauchi State that he lost in 2011. In fact, this is the more reason many Nigerians are concerned that such non substantiated allegation could come from Misau.

According to police records, Senator Isah Hamman Misau, the Senate Committee Chairman on Navy was an Ex- Police Officer who left the Nigeria Police Force on the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police after being charged with several acts of serious misconducts, unprofessional wrong doings contrary to discipline, and other discreditable improper behaviours unbecoming of a Police officer and that  are inimical to image of the Nigeria Police Force, which can lead to dismissal or compulsory retirement from the Force.

He was under Pending Disciplinary Matter (PDM), to appear and face Force Disciplinary Committee (FDC) before he hurriedly exited unceremoniously from the Force. And this can explain his ill motives against the Force. As such display of shame by making allegations he cannot substantiate is not enough, Misau, also alleged that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris, diverted billions of naira in the 2016 budget meant for the procurement of armoured vehicles for the Nigeria Police for the purchase of luxury vehicles.

He shamefully further disclosed that the Inspector General of Police, in addition to several allegations raised, collects a whopping N120billion as payment for special security services rendered by the Police to corporate bodies, oil firms high placed citizens in the land etc., on yearly basis without spending a dime out of it for more than 50,000 personnel involved and the Police as a body.

According to Misau: “The incumbent IGP based on available records and series of petitions and reports from insiders, has no capacity to run the Police just like the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, IGP Mike Okiro (rtd) who also lacks similar capacity going by N300million scam and others hanging on his neck since 2011 during the Presidential primary election of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) where he served as the head of the security committee.”

This is laughable, satanic and ludicrous, because, as usual, Misau does not have facts to substantiate his allegations.

The question again is: Is Misau pained and jealous of the integrity and uprightness the  IGP has become synonymous with over the years? Or is he severely pained by the high level achievements and the accompanied accolades since he became IGP? It is on record that Idris drove on the vehicle of integrity to become the IGP. He does not have the quest for insatiable wealth as many others are doing.

Just as a group-Integrity Youth Alliance, IYA, said: “We want to know how much is the total budget of the Nigeria Police Force for the Senator to have accused the Inspector- General of Police of making a whopping N10bn monthly from oil companies and other private individuals who enjoy special protection from the security agency.

“If Senator Misau believed that the level of corruption being perpetrated by the Inspector-General of Police and the Chairman, Police Service Commission, IGP Mike Okiro (rtd.), was so alarming and capable of undermining the anti-corruption stance of President Muhammadu Buhari, why has he kept quiet since?

“How many Police personnel do we have to have warrant the IGP to have attached 50,000 policemen oil companies, banks and private individuals with payments made to the Police authorities? Senator Misau need to proof his allegations rather than soiling the integrity of IGP Ibrahim Idris, a refined Police officer of international repute.

Misau should explain to Nigerians where he got the money to contest for Bauchi Central Senatorial election in 2011 under CAN at the age of 37 even as he was a serving police officer. One Bappa Aliyu MISAU contested against him under CPC. Other contestants with him were Mohammed A.Mohammed (ANPP), Ibrahim Mohammed (Labour), Alhaji Dansallahi Ningi (MPPP), Ahmed Abdul Ningi (PDP) winner

 Abayomi wrote from Wuse, Abuja