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Saudi Authorities Conveyed Sick Pilgrims To Arafat – Kana



About two million pilgrims from all over the world were on the plains of Mount Arafat, yesterday to observe the most essential rite in Islamic Hajj pilgrimage.

Prophet Muhammad had underscored the importance of Arafat in the annual Islamic pilgrimage when, according to his companions, proclaimed that any pilgrim unable to make it there cannot be said to have observed Hajj.

The head of Nigeria’s national medical team, Ibrahim Kana, said due to the central place of Arafat in Hajj rite exercise, the Saudi Arabian authorities ensured that all sick pilgrims were transported there via special arrangement to enable them to observe the rite.

“Saudi Government working in collaboration with all countries ensured that all pilgrims receiving treatment in various Hospitals were brought to observe Arafat,” Dr. Kana said.

“Several Nigerian pilgrims including three women, who are on admission at a Hospital in Madinah were in Arafat via a special ambulance arrangement.

“The ill pilgrims were the first to arrive and also the first to leave the plains of Arafat and they observe the day in a special area,” he told PREMIUM TIMES.

Pilgrims spent the whole of day in supplications and reading of the Holy Quran at the Plains of Arafat, yesterday before depart after sunset to Muzdalifah where they spent rite.

All male pilgrims are adorned in two plain white apparels, while, women, though allowed to wear anything islamically permissible are mostly also dressed in white clothing.

The pilgrims were earlier on Wednesday transported to Mina from their various hotel rooms in Makkah, Islam’s holiest city.





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