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Desist From Public Disturbance, AEPB Appeals To Religious Houses



By Chinelo Chikelu

Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), has appealed to religious houses: churches and mosques, in the FCT to desist from public disturbances, as they are against the law.

The organ refers to the mounting of outdoor speakers by religious houses, which has generated the numbers of complaint so far received from several complainants in  Abuja metropolis.

Acting Head of Environmental Monitoring, Ms. Rebecca Mamven says the outdoor public address systems used in religious houses contribute to noise pollution, and is against the law.

Recognizing the sensitivity of the issue, she added that AEPB took preliminary action by delegating its environmental monitoring staff to churches and mosques in the FCT, appealing to religious leaders to advice their members and out-stations to desist from such acts to avoid breaking the law.

“Consequences of noise pollution leads to stress, resulting from inadequate sleep, to damaged hearing from long-time exposure to noise, including road-rage, an unconscious reaction to noise around us.” Mamven revealed.

She says such outdoor speakers are not only unacceptable but surpasses the acceptable level of sound in the FCT, Mamven said.

In June 2016, the Lagos State Government shutdown 70 churches and 20 mosques contributing to noise pollution in the mega city. Lagos State Government in its quest to ensure a noise-free state by 2020, had said, the move reduced noise pollution in the city by 35 per cent. It noted it will continue to exercise enforcement action till noise is down by 70 to 80 per cent.