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Dankwambo’s Alleged Link To Removal Of Buhari’s Billboards Baseless, Malicious, Says Com.



By Chuwang Dung, Gombe.

The Gombe state commissioner of information, Umar Ahmed Suleiman has vehemently denied the allegations made by the leadership of the Gombe state chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) that the Governor was involved in the removal of President Mohammadu Buhari billboards.

“These allegations are baseless, unfounded and malicious and aimed at heating the political atmosphere,” Umar said while addressing the media.

Reacting to the allegation, Umar maintained that the allegation by the APC is an attempt to heat up the polity, earn cheap public sympathy and cause hatred between the governor and the President.

He said “the APC was only using the state Government’s timely ban on the erection of political billboards on Government and other public places to desperately cause a political rift between Governor Dankwambo and President Buhari”.

According to him, “to say that the ban included the removal of President Buhari’s posters and billboards in the State capital is not only untrue but indeed a figment of imagination of those who are trying to desperately cause a rift between the Governor and Mr. President”.

He stated that there is a billboard act where such persons, political associations or organizations need to be cleared first, pay a specific amount before erecting such billboards but that in order to allow for a more democratic situation, the State Government had maintained a prolonged silence.

He explained that Government’s action was based on its believe that it is its responsibility that all public places are kept clean rather than what others think is an attempt to keep them away from showcasing their political image which the commissioner describes as untrue.

“What the order said was simply a ban of politician’s billboards and posters in public places and round-abouts, including those who adorn their posters with that of Mr. President, but did not say that any billboard or poster carrying only his picture should be removed. The ban as it should be understood did not single out any political party but even those billboards and posters of PDP”, the commissioner stressed.

Ľ”It should be concurred that Nigeria is Mr. President’s constituency, therefore, the whole country should be adorned with his billboards or posters, nobody will question that because he belongs to the entire citizens.” Umar pointed out.

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