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We Won’t Allow Saboteurs Create Division In Katsina APC – Kurfi



Hon Danlami Muhammad Kurfi is the vice chairman of committee on Petroleum Downstream in the House of Representatives. In this interview, Kurfi who represents Dutsinma/Kurfi Federal constituency of Katsina state on the platform of APC described those behind APC splinter group in the state as saboteurs and frustrated lots.

Katsina state is celebrating thirty years of its creation. Looking back, can we say the state is any way near the dream of its founding fathers?
As a matter of fact, the state has recorded enormous successes in the critical areas of agriculture, education, economics and trades, and in fact, in all sphere of endeavours. Without sounding immodest, the state has recorded successes that makes it envy of its peers. We have done what so many states that were created before us couldn’t do. Don’t forget, Katsina state parades the best brains the country can ever boast of in virtually all sectors of human endeavours. We are privileged to have successive governments that remained focused and the results are there for all to see. Each time I reminisce on the struggle for the creation of the state, it gladdens my heart to see that we are on the right path as far as realizing the dreams of our founding fathers, are concerned.

We are celebrating this anniversary at a time your party, the APC, is holding fort to power at both the state and the centre. Do you think the party has justified the confidence of an average Katsina man?
Well, without mincing words, the answer to your question is an emphatic yes. This is a government that rode to power on the basis of change and the records available has shown that the state and indeed, the federal government, is on track. In Katsina state where the governor, an astute administrator and committed leader is holding the torch, the restoration agenda which is the fulcrum of his campaign promises is on course. The state government is restoring the state’s lost glory in critical areas of education, health, agriculture, water supply and road construction. The records are there for all to see. Importantly, Governor Masari has entrenched prudence in management of the state resources and the result is visible for all to see. The state has continued to record successes even in the areas of education and agriculture. Schools are being given facelift through aggressive renovations and provision of learning and teaching materials. Within the last two years, the current administration has done marvelously well in the areas of security, agriculture, rural development, civil service reform and the likes. In fact, previous administrations, especially the immediate past, failed woefully and the current administration of governor Masari is restoring the public’s confidence in governance. As for the federal government, the records are too glaring for all to see and I am not in a better position to talk about that. But then of course, our president has redefined governance and hence, the whole country is witnessing real change. I am proud that a Katsina man-President Muhammadu Buhari- is making the nation proud through his genuine commitment to good governance and am happy to be associated with that commitment as a member of the national assembly.

But there are concerns that the public no longer have confidence in your party…
Says who? Whenever you hear that, am sure it may be coming from the PDP and other opposition figures who are aggrieved that it is not business as usual. They will rather things continued the way it used to be but the president is bent on giving Nigerians the promised change, hence their grievances. The party belongs to the masses and their support is still with the party. An average Nigeria still believes in the ability of the party to deliver good governance.

Talking about your party, aren’t you worried that the looming crack in the state chapter of the APC will spell doom for the party?
To the best of my understanding, there is no crack whatsoever in Katsina state chapter of the APC. Yes, some disgruntled elements may wish to hear that the party is divided but the party will remain united come rain come shine.

But some people just announced the formation of a parallel chapter and named it APC Akida…
Those are bunch of disgruntled elements who have lost in the equation because they have nothing to offer. Some of them contested against the governor in the build up to the party’s primary election, others vied for senate and other seats. But of course, they lost and the governor in his magnanimity, brought them on board so as to help move the state forward. As a matter of fact, the governor gave them the privilege of nominating persons for appointment in the state and to the best of my understanding, they nominated some persons who were appointed into various offices including as members of the state executive council, by the governor. One thing which show the character of some of these people is the fact that they all nominated their children of close relatives for appointment and disregarded other people who stood by them through thick and thin. The latest move by them is a deliberate attempt to frustrate the APC and the government in the state. They are bent on seeing the government derail as they are sad that the good people of Katsina state are reaping the dividends of democracy. As these the type of people we should take serious? Let me use this opportunity to admonish the good people of Katsina state to disregard these people who are bent on sabotaging government’s efforts. They are indeed, enemies of progress, saboteurs and people bent on disrupting the wheel of progress. Their plot will fail woefully.

Two years at the national assembly. What development have you attracted to the people of your constituency?
I may not be in a better position to say what I have done as that will amount to praising myself. But then, the records of what we have done and are still doing, are there for all to see. We have intervened in different areas including economic empowerment for the less privileged, support in critical areas of health, education and rural development. The list is endless and I urge you to visit my constituency and find out from the good people of Dutsinma/Kurfi federal constituency.