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Nigeria’s Diversity Our Strength, Says Atiku




Amidst the ongoing agitations for restrcturing ahead of the 2019 general elections, former vice president and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has cautioned Nigerians to be mindful of others who may not think, act or believe in what they do, saying the country’s diversity ought to be her strength and not otherwise.

Atiku who was speaking yesterday in Abuja as the Chairman of the occasion at the formal presentation of the book, titled “Constitutional Misconception of Secularism: Implications for Politics and Religion” said first country’s national constitution carefully considered the diverse character as a nation and chose the secular path in order to accommodate the diversity and peaceful coexistence.

Waziri Adamawa, who was represented by the former Speaker of the Plateau state House of Assembly, George Daika said: “Let me, however, use this opportunity to remind us all that at this delicate moment in our nation’s history – with separatist agitations, militancy of the religious and secular varieties, calls for restructuring, and jostling for future elections, we should all be mindful of and sensitive to the feelings and preferences of those who may not think the way we think, the way we speak or worship, the way we worship or belong to the same political party as us. Our diversity ought to be our strength and, together, we can still build the Nigeria of our dreams.”

The Benue State governor, Dr Samuel Ortom, who was in attendance observed that, two things matters in Nigeria today; religion and  politics.

He reiterated that, if we get it right in religion and  politics, then, there is no stopping Nigeria’s greatness.

He commended the author’s effort at berthing a new narrative in the quest for Nigeria’s greatness.

Also speaking at the ocassion, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Diocese, John Cardinal Onayekan frowned at the extent to which Nigerian has taken politics and religion.

The clergy said, most times, the behaviours of Nigerians towards politics and religion is borne out of misconception.

He further contended that, 90% of Nigerians practice religion wrongly.





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