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Pharmaceutical Coy Partners Ministry Of Health On Cancer Treatment



by taiwo omotayo, Abuja

In a bid to curb high mortality rate resulting from cancer complications, Kleef and Helixor Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited, in partnership with the Ministry of Health has developed an adjourn therapy used as supportive treatment to alleviate the basic side effects of the disease. The therapy  is complimenting the normal conventional treatment patients under go from using chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Speaking in Abuja at the presentation of Kleef and Helixor products and therapy, its chairman, Dr Clif Ogbede said the initiative  became paramount to curtail the high number of Nigerians who travel out to seek medical help as well as to create easy access for the down trodden who may not be buoyant enough to travel out for medical treatment.

On his part,  Dr Ozurigbo Chimobi, during his presentation averred that the drugs

target all kinds of cancer depending on the organ region, adding that the cancer treatment is approached from any perspective noting that the type of cancer determines what drugs should be used for the patient.

He said the medical products which is manufactured in Germany is coming into Africa, and Nigeria for the first time, adding that it is NAFDAC certified, and will be used as a palliative approach together with the conventional therapies for cancer patients. Dr Chimobi stressed that it has been proven with high efficacy and has been used very well in the G-7 countries, comprising of  US, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

He advised that it is important to embrace preventive health care measures that will protect our body from cancer, especially from electromagnetic radiation from phones which affects human organism.





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