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Gov. Abubakar And the Second Term Bid



By Sani Abubakar Bauchi

It may look like the 2019 general elections is far from now,  but the released of the elections time table by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), only
points to the truism that the early the better. To this end, but the serious and charlatan politicians and their
supporters have gone to the drawing board to do a draft of the next power grabbing game.
For the elected officials, they would be naïve to think the incumbent factor can rail road them to a second term; well
it would be too much of carelessness to seat back and depend on that, so they would need to engage the seriousness of an aspirant who is fighting to unseat an
incumbent elected official. Some elected public figures had played to the gallery by turning back on the people who voted them in an election. They either become
extremely inaccessible or leave their primary constituent domain and become Abuja politicians. The resultant effect if this unwholesome practice is what has led to crisis in the nation’s political firmament and the various dare-devil thugs and cult groups we have today. For the Nigeria it is
more than a hard lesson, because it is not out of place to say that militancy in the south-south and Boko Haram are all ugly products from such misadventures. The people have become wiser in some ugly scenes we see especially after the 2011 elections as well as how some
politicians are either barred or stoned when they try to sneak into their localities.

Apparently, a good term appears to be what can guarantee the return or re-election of a governor, senator, member House of Representatives and state assemblies, among others. Belonging to a politically party may not be good enough, and the Buhari sweeping spirit most likely
would not work again. Little can political godfathers have a say now. In fact, any aspirant in the 2019 general elections is just on his or her own.

In this regard the electorates have become quite influential and discerning in their choice of leaders and they are
ready to jettison the ambition of any politician who has fell into the hot soup of political gangsterism, character
assassination and back stabbing. And the people were watching and taking note of all that had happened in that
political hara-kiri. After all that, he came out unscathed as if nothing ever happened. Now that is a man.
Governor Abubakar has gone to great lengths to deliver on his promises to the people. On assumption of office, he
in principle made a pact with the Bauchi people that he’s going to tackle all the vagaries of administrative and bureaucratic hurdles that were hitherto militating against the smooth and seamless delivery of democratic dividends
to them.

Rather than dissipating energy and government resources
as usual and achieving nothing at the end, Governor Abubakar believed in identifying and dealing with whatever
kind of challenges the state may face. He believes that the way and manner an issue is tackled would determine its success or otherwise.

Today in Bauchi and for the first time in history, the era of faded vouchers and ghost workers had been successfully
eliminated and as the worker’s right: salaries and wages, among other welfare packages, are paid regularly. This is
not so even in states enjoy high financial profile. This is in addition to offsetting accumulated debts he inherited from
the past administrations in the state.
The state would have been a top performer in agriculture but for the neglect of that sector for decades, the story is
not a palatable one at all. Governor Abubakar is repositioning that sector now by resuscitating the
abandoned Bauchi State Fertilizer Company (BSFC) and fertilizer production and distribution to peasant farmers at
a subsidized rate is done as at when due.
In the health sector, Governor Abubakar is determined to end the scourge of maternal and infant mortality once and
for all and there has been accelerated training of nurses and midwives while hospital equipment and drugs were
being supplied with the rehabilitation and constructions of health and maternity centres across the state.

Health institutions are wearing new look with the upgrading and accreditations of relevant courses to meet up with the
required standards. Indeed, Governor Abubakar has a score card to 2019
governorship election with confidence. The vast majority of Bauchi State citizens know the content of this score card
for it happened under their watch.