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Day Of Joy For Abuja IDP Pupils



Linda Nwagu reports that the gloom that defines the condition of learning for the children of internally displaced people, IDP in their makeshift schools in the camps was partially lifted recently for the pupils in Durumi Camp, in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT as a group of humanitarian Non-governmental organisations visited with wonderful packages.

It was a heart warming sight at the IDP camp in Area one, Durumi Abuja  following a visit of a Non-governmental organisation: the Rising Child Foundation Abuja, few days ago. The Non-organization  governmental organization run by  Miss Taibat Aduragba Hussein was at the camp to indoctrinate into the children the need to embrace  education. The children were encouraged to strive past their limitations and work hard to excel in school.

The headteacher at  the IDP camp school who were there to receive the organization, Mr.Aminu also reiterated the encouragement to the children  and used her experience in life as an example to the children, telling them that in order to become better and knowledgeable they have to  look beyond their disavantage and work hard in school.

The organization’s main objective is to  develop world leaders through harnessing the potentials of the young and grooming them in the art of public speaking and presentation through debates, spelling Bees essays, story-telling and sessions.

Representatives from the Youth-WASH; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative , a foundation that is focused on campaigning and promoting universal access to portable drinking water, sustainable sanitation and basic hygiene services and facilities for schools, communities and primary health care centres and marginalized communities across the country, were also at the event to educate the children on personal hygiene and the need to keep their surroundings clean. MissYahaya Ojonugwa spoke to the children on the importance of keeping their environment clean and bathing twice a day. Another representative Gift Ele Agwu also corroborated the points highlighted by her colleague stating that cleanliness brings about confidence, and with confidence they could rise to whatever they want to become, stating that confidence insures success. She went ahead to teach the children how to give a perfect round of applause; clapping in a circular motion.

In attendance was also the youngest humanitarian in Nigeria, Miss Fatima Habib who she spoke to the kids on the need for them to do well in school so as to be able to drive and Institute positive changes in the society. Miss Habib used herself as an example, telling the kids that she was 14-years-old when she started engaging in humanitarian activities,.The humanitarian who just turned 18 last week is the founder of the Advocacy for Human Value Foundation , a Non-governmental organization that focuses on people with special disabilities, health and education. The humanitarian who is a Second Year student of the University of Maiduguri, studying Sociology and Anthropology spoke on the benefit of education and emphasized on the importance of educating the girl child

Speaking on the reason why she embarked on this project, she replied” “I want to see children in Nigeria, acquire the right skills, develop their true potentials, and so I embarked on this Reading Enrichment Project aimed at reviving and promoting reading culture amongst Nigerian students”. Speaking on the poor standard of education she said “It pains me that in Nigeria there is no optimal reward for academic excellence, hence I organize competitions to this end that will reward academic excellence.”

Miss Habib further stated that the mission of her foundation is to see that children in Nigeria acquire quality education, irrespective of their gender.

Miss Aduragba who has always had a penchant for teaching, sees this as a way of giving back to society saying she was given the opportunity to learn, hence she wants to give back in the same vein. In her own words “I don’t have any sad story time to tell as most people who run such foundations do, I just want to give back to society, since I was the given the opportunity to learn. HenceI wish to give this children that chance also.”

The organization donated 120 pencils, 80 exercise books, and refreshment for the children. The head teacher expressed his happiness and thanked the organization profusely for their support and encouragement towards the children  saying that their presence would motivate the children to  strive to do better in school. The foundation opined that in equipping these children with the tools of education, they hope that it goes a long way in conveying how much of their best interests they have at heart and it moves them to face their studies with dexterity and diligence.

At the end of the day the children were all smiles, and when asked how they felt, they responded that they had learnt a lot about the benefit of education and how to keep themselves and their environment clean, and promised to teach their parents what they had learnt.

Mrs. Theresa Ameh, former vice chairman of the Nigeria Guild of Authors who was supposed to be the guest speaker was absent and conveyed her apologies and sent her message, telling the kids to develop a penchant for reading as it would help widen their horizons and make them knowledgeable.