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FCTA Staff Assaults Female Colleague Over Union Issues



By Tarkaa David, Abuja –

A level 12 officer of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Mr Nnachi Okafor, has allegedly assaulted a female superior staff of the administration over disagreement relating to union matters.

The victim, Mrs Josie Mudasiru, who is a level 14 officer of the administration was slapped twice and manhandled by Okafor over a minor union disagreement between the duo, just as the victim has called on women organisations and the FCT Administration for help.

Okafor, who is the incumbent chairman of FCTA Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, apart from assaulting his victim physically, also allegedly launched verbal attack on her, calling her a prostitute who sleeps with men both in the office and brothels to curry favour.

Our correspondent gathered that trouble started when the victim accompanied another staff of the administration to seek certain clarifications on some issues bordering on staff welfare in Okafor’s office.

Narrating her ordeal, the Mrs Mudashiru said she was not only assaulted but dehumanized and abused by Okafor, who has been adjudged as a misogynist by many, even as she threatened to seek justice in a competent court of law.

“I took a colleague to see Mr Nnachi Okafor who is the chairman of FCTA Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists to seek certain clarifications on some welfare issues. I was not part of their discussion not until Nnachi raised his voice to a high pitch to demonstrate his anger on the ranging issue. I only caution Nnachi to bring down his voice because of the office environment.

“To my greatest shock, Nnachi suddenly turned his uncontrollable anger on me and called me a prostitute who sleeps with men in different offices to curry favour. I was angered by his uncivilised description of my person. I told him that he should be ashamed of himself because at 50 years, no wife, no girlfriend or child could be traced to him.

“Before I know it, Nnachi descended on me and accompanied it with two slaps on my both cheeks. It took the efforts of my colleagues and other men to rescue me from his hands”, Mudasiru stated.

The victim also told our correspondent that the matter has been reported to the FCT Police Outpost, stressing that ever since, her life has been under threat by Nnachi.

According to her, “the matter may end up in court since some women Non Governmental Organisations have been contacted to take up the matter because my life is under threat.”



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