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Horouf Education Launches the ‘National Day Collection’ at Sharjah International Book Fair 2017



By Solomon Nda-Isaiah

…Collection released to mark the UAE’s 46th year of union

To mark the UAE’s 46th National Day next month, Horouf Education, an imprint of the Sharjah-based Kalimat Group, has released a ‘National Day Box’, which contains within it a collection of 7 illustrated books on the themes of the UAE’s history, culture, and society; 32 learning cards with 16 questions and their answers on the UAE’s geography and other important facts; attractive stickers of the UAE’s national symbols like dates, falcons, pearls, etc., and a UAE flag.

The collection has been designed for the nation’s young citizens to get to know their country better in engaging and creative ways, increase their knowledge about the UAE’s history and achievements, and instill a sense of patriotism in them.

The collection was launched on the sidelines of Horouf’s participation at the 36th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF 2017). It is for children in the 4 to 10 age group, and includes books titled I Am Emirati, My Country, Rashid the Knight, My Grandfather and the National Day, This is My Community, The National Day, and My Big Family.

The educational publisher also recently launched the first-of-its-kind game app ‘Qartoos’ that teaches Arabic phonics within the fictional set up of the game. The digital application provides rich Arabic educational content for children, on a 2D Platformer with five different themes, each with their own unique Gameplay mechanics.

The ‘Horouf App’ is another digital learning platform, which aims to capture the interest of children by creating several interactive stories and animated clips covering various topics, as well as provide them with an interactive art space to create their own artistic touches. The App offers interactive animated stories, 2D and 3D video clips, and a variety of activity worksheets.

Horouf Education mainly focuses on improving children’s Arabic speaking and writing skills through special materials and tools designed to cater to the needs of children according to their age group. It allows children access to more innovative methods that help them learn the basics ofArabic in a fun and innovative manner.

Horouf Education, an educational imprint launched by Kalimat Group in 2013 with an aim to creating contemporary and innovative educational tools for children in Arabic. Its portfolio has numerous print and digital works, in addition to interactive applications. Prior to its official launch, Horouf worked on research projects with 30 schools in Sharjah to explore, develop and understand best practices in educational publishing, and children’s development.

Since its inception, Kalimat Group has participated in 50 international book fairs worldwide and distributed its books in more than 16 countries and 3,000 schools. The group prides itself in publishing the highest-quality books, 30 of which have won prestigious Arab and international awards. With its rich portfolio of publications, Kalimat Group has collaborated with more than 70 internationally acclaimed authors and 100 illustrators from around the Arab region and entire world. It translated more than 50 Arabic books into foreign languages. So far, Kalimat Group has published more than 400 Arabic titles.





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