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We Are Remodeling Our Schools – Kogi Govt



By SAM EGWU, Lokoja –

Kogi State government has hinted yesterday that remodeling of schools is ongoing across the state, with a view to providing critical infrastructure in the educational system.

Speaking to journalists in Lokoja, the director general on media and publicity to the state governor, Kingsley Fanwo, said Governor Yahaya Bello is gradually actualising his dream educational structure for the state.

“Education remains the number one priority of Governor Yahaya Bello”, Fanwo said, noting that there are “rapid works going on across the state to change the face of infrastructure in our primary and secondary schools across the state”.

He added: “The present administration in the state is putting in place GYB Model Primary Schools that are threatening to be the best in the country. In the next few months, government will succeed in changing the outlook of our schools and make public schools attractive to the people.

“We are also remodeling secondary schools across the state and in a couple of months, government shall deliver brand new Model Schools in the state.

“The intention of government is to make public schools better than private schools and gradually depopulate private schools by bringing back the lost glory of public school education in the state.

“The thinking of government is that not everyone can afford the cost of putting their ward in public schools. Government should always protect the interest of the poor,” he added.

Asked about the quality of teachers in public schools, Fanwo said the state government was already “tinkering with the idea of testing the competency of public school teachers in future to ensure only capable hands are engaged to shape the future of our children”.

According to him, the dramatic improvement in the performance of Kogi State in public examinations can be improved upon if competent teachers are given the opportunity and the right training to teach in public schools.

He continued: “We are already looking at the competency test option to ascertain the competence of our teachers to teach. The future of Kogi children is the future of the state. It may not be immediate, but government is looking at the option.

“Those who will scale the test will be exposed to the best training and given the best tools, incentives to make Kogi the number one education destination in Nigeria.

“Government is presently reactivating our structure to inject excellence into the system and make it work for the people of the state”.





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