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Anambra Guber: UPP Hails Osita Chidoka’s Debate Performance




The United Progressive Party (UPP) has commended its candidate in the November 18 governorship election in Anambra State, Chief Osita Chidoka for his outstanding performance in the Election Debate organized by Channels Television on Sunday 12th November 2017.

The party in a statement by its national publicity secretary, yesterday, in Abuja, said Chidoka out-shined his opponents during the debate and proved yet again that he is the best qualified candidate for the gubernatorial poll. It said that his clear vision for a greater Anambra State, intellectual capacity, pedigree, integrity, grassroots politics, popularity and general acceptance of his candidacy combined to make him the candidate to beat in the Saturday election.

It said that Chidoka’s patriotism, maturity, passion, articulation, comportment, oratory, sagacity and tenacity of purpose endeared him in the hearts of fellow compatriots who will troop out en masse on Saturday to vote for United Progressive Party (UPP) with the tiger head as its logo.

“A man of enormous intellectual capacity, Chidoka has made the good people of Anambra State proud again and raised hope of a new beginning in the onerous task of industrializing the state and raising the people’s standards of living through infrastructural and human development,” it added.

The party highlighted some of the points articulated by its candidate at the debate; “On the viability of the $2 billion Umuleri airport project in the State, Chidoka asserted that, ‘No state government owns an airport because it’s in the Exclusive List. If a state builds an airport, the federal government would eventually collect it. When I was minister of Aviation, I collected three airports from three state governments. The government should rather channel the $2 billion meant for the airport into transforming Awka and Onitsha into mega-cities.’ He stressed that many of the neighbouring states already had airports and described the project as a waste of resources.

“On pro-Biafra agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Chidoka said: ‘My co-contestants all claim IPOB is an offshoot of unemployment. I disagree. It is the manifestation of the fundamental structural problem with Nigeria. Those agitating all over the world are professionals and not unemployed.’ His position is in tandem with the national call for restructuring which All Progressives Congress-led Federal Government has succumbed to.”

It recalled that the UPP flag-bearer in the November 18 poll advocated for self-determination and the need to renegotiate the Nigerian state.

“ ‘Any party that do not subscribe to the right to self-determination and the rights of component parts of Nigeria to express themselves freely, that party does not approximate my philosophy. I believe that Nigeria is a product of negotiation, we must negotiate, we negotiated and got independence; we negotiated and created the Mid-Western State.

Nigeria is a subject of continuous negotiation’, he stated.

“Chidoka’s position is consistent with the UPP Manifesto which provides for self-determination, restructuring, referendum, unconditional release of prisoners of conscience, resource control, state police/community policing and true federalism.”

The party said that its candidate would run a digital government if elected the governor of Anambra State, adding that with technology, his government would drive a robust foreign and local investment campaign in the state.

The statement reads, “In a well-articulated blueprint for the development and transformation of Anambra State if voted into Office as Governor, his social contract with the people, Chidoka promised functional, qualitative free education, free healthcare, and aggressive agricultural development, comprehensive and constant road construction, rehabilitation and maintenance; industrialization using the private sector as delivery vehicle; Poverty neutralization through capacity building, capacity enhancement and capacity utilization; Rural transformation through provision of modern infrastructure; Urban re-generation and development; Youth Development and Re-orientation through provision of employment opportunities and opportunities  to be self-employed;

Development of Tourism which will be tied to our industrialization programme; Harnessing our cultural endowments for societal development; Turning around the sports sub-sector to an image-enhancing, health-giving and economic development agency through provision of world class facilities including Olympic size sports stadia.”



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