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Sadiq Daba: Colleagues Open GofundMe Account For ill Actor




Colleagues and friends of actor and broadcaster, Sadiq Daba in the movie sector have opened a Gofundme account for the actor so as to take care of his health bills as he is down with prostrate cancer and leukemia.

It was reported that the actor reached out to well meaning Nigerians to come to his aid as he may have to undergo a major surgery. Due to this ailment, the actor’s organs couldn’t discharge its metabolic functions normally and this has called him untold pains.

“I have been receiving treatment at LASUTH and OAUTH and the doctors have been wonderful. I was told that one of the side effects of the surgery is that my testicles would have to be removed. That means I would be castrated and I don’t think I want that. The other option is that I would have to take injections that would cost N150,000 every two months, and I have to take it for about two years. You can imagine what the total cost would be,” said Sadiq Daba.

To this end, colleagues of the actor popular for his role at drama series, Cock Crow at Dawn’ and recently ‘October 1st’ have rolled out a fund raising project for him.



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