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‘I Was To Sign With Starboy Music Worldwide But We Fought’



Adeleke Emmanuel Omosuyi, popularly aka AMOTA (King Of Africa) was born on September 4,1993 State- Ondo State.  The Nigerian singer, songwriter and a performer rose to limelight after one of his single titled “Sepe Sepe” which features vocals from Danny Young, earned him two nominations at the 2010 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. He was nominated in the “Bet Artiste in Afro Pop” category at the 2010 North Central Music Awards and best collaboration category at the 2011 Africa Music Awards. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM when he visited LEADERSHIP Newspapers Group head office in Abuja, he speaks on his song and what to expect from.

What type of music do you do?

Afro fusion. Basically African sounds

What song are you promoting now?

Presently I’m promoting a song titled ‘Maji Maji’, its African sound. The promotion is going on around the nation right now and some collaboration from Ukraine.

How many songs do you have?

A whole lot of songs. I want to talk about, the songs I have dropped like the one with Danny Young. I am presently promoting ‘Maji Maji’ .

Are you signed to any record label?

Presently am not signed to any record label.

I was supposed to sign to Starboy Worldwide some months back before we had some issues that were even published in several national dailies. But basically I am not signed to any record label for now that can take my music to the next level; I just want a new management.

Are young artistes like you getting the needed help from the industry?

Basically the industry is not really encouraging young artistes, we should not lie to ourselves .We know Nigeria industry is not really encouraging but basically I’m trying to push myself to the next level. My management is trying to push, I mean my manager is trying to work on a deal, though we are not getting stronger agreements the way we want .We are investing and seriously looking for more investors.

Tell us about yourself and what inspired your decision into the music industry?

What really inspired me into music is that I started from a tender age. I never felt I was going to get this far, I just said let me just do it in this choir days on a long run. That was were I started getting massive love for music.

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

In the nearest future, I am taking over Abuja because I am already taking over some places in Abuja.




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