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Bayelsa APC Chieftain Faults Jonathan Over comments



‎By Osa Okhomina,Yenagoa

Chief Perekeme Richard Kpodo, ‎the Former Security Adviser to the Bayelsa State Government has slammed the Former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan over his recent comment that politics in Nigeria is dirty and useless business due to the criticism against his six years administration.

According to Kpodo, though many of the misdeeds of the former administration are being investigated and some under prosecution in Court, the “dirty business” verdict on politics by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan ‎is an open show of ingratitude to those who brought him out of into politics and made him promiinent from an Otuoke boy without sandals.

Chief Perekeme Kpodo, who is also a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), said the game of politics to the former first family became dirty when issues of corruption trailed them from being a Deputy Governor in Bayelsa and President in Nigeria, ” Jonathan’s comment is provocative and unfair to the next generation of politicians and the past ones that made him.”

“Has he forgotten those he hurt with his dirty politics. Did he forget late Melford Okilo that he abandoned because the man was reluctant to support his emergence as Deputy Governor in Bayelsa? Has he forgotten late Bozimo who kept him in his house and supported his political growth? Did he forget the dirty politics he played against D.S.P Alameiseigha‎ and Timipre Sylva?.And he says Poliftics is dirty.”

” Jonathan should remember when he was staying in a two bedroom flat apartment in OMPADEC quaters building in Abuloma without a fridge. Politics is dirty and they have numerous buildings at home and abroad. Without politics they would have been unknown and struggling along the streets of Port Harcourt. It is provocative and wicked to describe where he has benefited from as being dirty. Politics is not dirty, It is Jonathan style of politics that is dirty.”

“Politics is dirty and the Ijaw nation supported him but he disappointed them without making any Ijaw man. He only concentrated on enriching his kins men with questionable contracts. He said politics is dirty and he could not complete the East/West Road, the Brass NLG project, the Fertilizer project and the Deep Sea Port in Agge.”

“Jonathan wasted the single opportunity the Ijaw nation had. He also allowed the Tower Hotel and the New Bayelsa City projects to be abandoned. Politics is played around the world and it is not dirty. Bur it is Jonathan kind of politics that is dirty.. The Media in Bayelsa are made to suffere because they exposed some of his dirty politics against those he had issues with and would not forgive.”

‎On the clarified relationship between Former President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Seriake Dickson, Chief Perekeme Kpodo described the denial of clash with the Bayelsa Governor as a “ruse”, ” Jonathan is crafty. That was the same way he denied his battle with Sylva untill he was stopped from seeking second term. Now, he is denying his clandestine plan against Governor Dickson. Dickson should be careful.”

He said the open display of ignorance of hatred towards Gov. Dickson administration was a ruse,” Jonathan never supported Gov. Dickson second term. Would he claim he did not know what his boys did to the Governor during his six years in power? The excesses showed by his wife towards the Bayelsa Governor and he kept silent. If Gov. Dickson had noft fought them, he would have ended up like Timipre Sylva.”

“Because Gov. Dickson has shown that with or without him, he can move Bayelsa forward. That is why Jonathan is making a systematic u-turn to deny any rift with Dickson. Dickson has shown him that he Is a fighter and a strategist.”



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