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Youths Must Assume Critical Positions Of Responsibility – Lajada



By Jonathan Nda- Isaiah 

A presidential aspirant in the 2019 general election, Ibrahim Abubakar Lajada, has pledged that if voted into office, he will appoint youths into critical positions of responsibility in order to move the country forward.

‎In a statement by his media office, Ibrahim Lajada, who is just 34-years-old, said, it is only when such drastic decision is taken by allowing youth to occupy critical positions   that Nigeria will be able to get the best results.

According to him, if the youths are not given responsibilities now when will they  be given such responsibilities.

He said it was proper to allow the youths to be at the helm of affairs especially now that the country has found itself in a very difficult period of its history especially as it concerns the security and economy of the nation.

He argued that  it is  when the youths are appointed into critical positions that they would  be able to effectively contribute their own quota to the nation’s socio-economic and political development at all levels .

Ibrahim Lajada said the  idea of involving the youths in government has succeeded in much more developed countries like France and Germany as well as other developed nations where their leaders are mostly the youths in their prime when their values are often imaginative, flexible and  durable.

He contended that as leaders of tomorrow, the youths are  in a better position to proffer ideas that will bring quick solutions to the country’s current enormous problems much more faster than what is currently happening in the country where  such critical positions of responsibility are  being recycled at almost all levels of government.

According to him,  it was in recognition of the important role the youths will play in the development of the nation that his own forum decided to adopt a strategy where over 31 million youths have now been fully registered across the nation with a view to involving them in the development of specific sectors of the nation’s economy when elected.

He said this would be done in a way that balance will be created between the ideas of the youths and those from the older generation but the  ideas from the youths would be given priority so as to  prove their youthful capabilities..

He explained that it was high time the youths  assert themselves in whatever assignments they will be given so that Nigeria can regain its lost glory and even move forward with their fresh idea in governance.

‎Subsequently, he added that the youths will  be properly guided and be given specific assignments in strategic areas of the economy already identified by his campaign group .





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