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Nigeria, Egypt Will Stand Against Evil Act Of Terrorism – Envoy



By Tunde Oguntola, Abuja

The Egypt Ambassador to Nigeria, Assem Mohammed Hanafi has expressed sadness over the recent massacre in Egypt, expressing optimism that Nigeria and Egypt will both stand against the evil act of terrorism.

The envoy who posted this on his twitter handle on Saturday, @AssemHanafi thanked the Federal Government of Nigeria for their solidarity and support.

A report from the state prosecution, which detailed the gruesome massacre, said the death toll from the attack on the mosque in Egypt’s Sinai rose to 305 including 27 children.

‘’It said there were between 25 and 30 terrorist with long hair and beards, dressed in camouflage and flying a black banner with the Muslim profession of faith on it, which could be a description of the Islamic State group’s flag.

They surrounded the mosque and opened fire on the worshippers on Friday, it said.

The attackers had arrived in five all-terrain vehicles and later set fire to seven cars belonging to the worshippers.

The tweet from Ambassador Hanafi reads: ’’305 innocent victims of terror in Egypt’s Sinai. Recalling similar sad events which took place in Kano mosque explosion in 2014 and also Adamawa state recently.

‘’Egypt and Nigeria will stand together against the evil acts of terrorism and we shall prevail.

‘’Thank you dear Nigeria for your solidarity.’’



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