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Maimuna Aliyu, Eating From The Bread Of Sorrow



Leadership Nigeria News Today

By Ibrahim Abdulkadir

Maimuna Aliyu sure has become a house hold name in Nigeria today, but her popularity is founded on the determination of a few powerful adversaries who have lost sleep over what she stands for – the truth.

What Truth? As an Executive Management staff of AsoSavings and Loans Plc, she stood as an outlier; a lone voice crying in the midst of devourers against unprofessional financial services practices. She could not operate with the wolves that constituted the Board and Management of the said Aso Savings and Loans, so she resigned her appointment in 2013.  Having accepted her resignation, she moved on with her life, engaging in legitimate entrepreneurial engagements and businesses.

The ghost of what she stood for continued to haunt her traducers that even while she had moved on in the larger society, they continued to constitute themselves into thorns in her flesh with a view to permanently shutting her up or intimidate her to maintain an undignified silence over their improper dealings and governance issues at the Financial Institution.

Not deterred by the obvious acts of harassments and intimidation she took out petitions against the Board and Management of Aso Savings and Loans in 2015. The petitions were filed at the ICPC and EFCC. It is curious to note that these petitions were neither investigated nor reasons given for not doing so. As the “untouchables” continued to harass her life and those of her children, she filed Law Suits in Courts of competent jurisdiction against her adversaries. The Suit is still pending.

Another Truth: The present day government had made Anti-Corruption War a major item in her electioneering Manifesto. In the quest to carefully select persons of impeccable character to champion this all important task, the Acting President – Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on or about 2nd day of August 2017 announced the nomination of Maimuna Aliyu as one of ICPC Board Nominees. This announcement jolted the “untouchables” and they went to work as allowing this be will spell doom for them or so they thought. They sure know how to fix their jobs. They got some officers of the Police Force to concoct a report that purportedly indicted Hajia Maimuna and of course her name was dropped.

Bitter Truth: That Hajia Maimuna was dropped should meet the desired end for her traducers, however her refusal to allow the public accept the falsehood leading to her removal was of great concern to this cartel. They had to go back to the drawing board.

Her Sorrow, their Trump Card: On the early hours of Sunday the 19th day of November, 2017 Hajia Maimuna lost her son in-law – Bilyamin Bello Haliru. His death was going to be a good way to get at Hajia Maimuna Aliyu. All the social media handles and bloggers will come handy to finally pull Maimuna Aliyudown. How best can this be done other than pointedly broadcasting the circumstances of the death of this young man in order to discredit Hajia’s family.   Whereas the wife of the deceased reports that she was into an argument with her husband and was miffed that he would rather puff on his shisha than respond to her questions. On this account she pulled off the shisha from him and it fell leading to the bottle breaking and the liquid contents spilling on the fall. She had claimed that in an attempt to react violently to her effrontery, he slipped and landed on part of the broken bottle which pieced him causing grievous bodily damage which ultimately led to his death. Contrary to this eye witness account, the conspirators would want us believe he died from knife stabs from his wife. The version that serves the intended purpose of the peddlers has gone so viral that even the police investigating team who have not only investigated but have charged the suspect – Mrs. Maryam Sanda Bello to Court also appear to be confused. The basic expectations in determining cause of death which can be served by an autopsy was not carried out. Reason? The families (both of the deceased and the Suspect) agreed not to do so and mutually accepted the death as the will of Allah.

What to Look Out For: It would appear as if the conspirators have seen that the evidence available may not sustain the charge and that their projected decimation of Hajia Maimuna Aliyumay after all not materialize, so, they have other plans in the pipe line to pull Hajia Maimuna Aliyu and family down, namely: –

  1. Work with their cohorts in ICPC to proceed with the trumped charges against Maimuna Aliyu, which they had paid for at the wake of the ICPC Board Nominations saga. This will at least keep her in custody for some days and when this happens, she will be so heartbroken that she will be totally devastated, especially as her daughter two awaits trial. Media Houses, online media and blogs in their pay role will come in handy to give this the required publicity.
  2. Use International Electronic media like BCC, CNN etc to rebroadcast this news item continuously to give it the desired coloration.

Wait a Minute! How come the contents of the charge sheet filed by the Investigating Police Officer is at variance with that of the Social and Print Media? Does it mean that the social media and the co-workers of iniquity on the pay roll of Maimuna’s adversaries are better investigators? I hear the deceased is the son of a former Chairman of PDP and former Minister of Defense. Does this not say something? Does this sound like a pedigree that can be bought over or intimidated into not fighting for the justice of the matter associated with the death of his son? We hear that both mothers – (the deceased’s and Suspect’s) have jointly been mourning this loss, staying together at the deceased’s home with the mother of the deceased consoling Hajia Maimuna who is obviously more devastated by the loss.

HEAR YE ALL MEN! The death of this young man and the circumstances leading to his death should not be used to get back to perceived enemies. The two families to the best of the knowledge of the reading public have not joined issues on the matter nor is there any evidence that the family of the deceased intends to press charges in the way and manner the conspirators would want us to believe. ICPC has in recent times come under severe criticisms and attacks for operating as errand boys for this same adversaries of Maimuna. Rather than allow itself to be used again and to further damage their already dented image, it would be a good image laundering option to reject and refuse ant temptation to bow to the whims and caprices of this cabal of conspirators.

The public will need to stand apart and fight the good fight of reason by refusing to join those that are feasting on the bread of sorrow.

Abdulkadir wrote in from Abuja.






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