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There Are Few Courageous Leaders In Nigeria – Saraki




Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has said that most Nigerian leaders lack courage to take the right decision in the interest of the country.

This according to him is the bane of the country’s development.

“We know what is good for Nigeria, but sometimes we are afraid that if we do it, what are the consequences, but if we continue to do this, we will continue to talk about the potentials of this country not the reality that Nigeria can achieve,” he said.

The Senate President stated these yesterday in Abuja, during the 5th anniversary lecture in honour of his father, late Senator Olusola Saraki, organised by the Northern Union.

He noted that, “We all know what the right things are most times, we are never ready to stand and do what is right for this country. One thing Oloye had, Oloye had courage and it is that courage that we all need today; the courage to do what is right for this country. The courage to do Nigerian first, not our states, not our religion but to put Nigeria first.”

While extolling the virtues of his late father, the Senate President said the Senior Saraki gave so much to the country and cannot be rewarded in any measure of politics.

“Some go into politics as a business, when you go in with ten you get hundred, Oloye didn’t see it like that, he went in with everything, there was no way politically he could have been rewarded for what he gave to Nigerian politics, because he gave everything and I think for those of us who are here, this is one lesson that we should all learn,” he said.

Saraki added that, “I don’t think there is any other politicians who gave everything. He gave everything in the interest of helping people. And I think that is the message really, that all of us will continue to learn. The ability to give to our people, to serve with everything that we have.

“Those of you that know Northern Union used to say it is one of the children of the late Waziri, and I think in the very few years of his life, it can be probably defines as his favourite child because to him, NU was very important, what he stood for, what he believed in.

“For us who grew up with him, one of the things we learnt from him was about giving. Oloye has no limit when it comes to giving, giving is not just materialistic, giving his kindness, giving is affection, giving is time. And I think some of us have been around now to see with all humility.