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Why PMB Deserves A Second Term – Umar Duhu



Dr Umar Duhu is the pioneer North East National Vice Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC). In this interview with SUNDAY ISUWA, he says President Muhammadu Buhari deserves a second term.

How can you described the recently conducted election in Anambra State?

The Anambra election has indeed come and gone. It was conducted peacefully and no life was lost. It has also vindicated President Muhammadu Buhari. The president has proven his honesty and sincerity for assuring all a level playing field. Indeed, President Buhari means well for the Nigerian State and has respect for our institutions.

President Buhari and the ruling APC would have used the instrumentality of the state to wrestle power in Anambra State, but non of such happened or was suspected to have taken place in any part of the State. Even though I wanted my party the APC to win the Anambra election, but for the purposes of deepening our democracy, I will not want a situation that will turn our democracy into a one party state.

APGA is strong in Anambra State and the election result is a testimony of the strength of APGA in the state. By my projection, what happened in the Anambra election in 2017 will reflect the outcome of most election results in almost all the states of the federation in the subsequent elections to come. This outcome is a wake up call on our ruling party to continually deliver the dividends of democracy to the citizenry.

The president said he will expand his cabinet. How will this help the APC family and Nigerians?

President Buhari’s planed expansion of the Federal Executive Council to accommodate party faithful is indeed welcomed and it is a strategy that is apt. The economic situation of Nigeria from where President Buhari took over in 2015 wouldn’t have allowed him to manage a bloated government. But, like he rightly said, Nigeria is out of recession and the economy has improved, not only to accommodate the expansion of the council, but to also take care of other appointments into the boards and parastatals.

How has the appointment of Boss Mustapha as SGF brought back the confidence of members on the present government?

The appointment of Barrister Boss Gida Mustapha as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation has gladdened my heart and resolve to continue to be an ardent member of the APC. As a foundation leader of  the APC, I see the appointment of Barr Boss as a deliberate attempt by the president to build more bridges. Barr Mustapha is cool headed leader, very compassionate, down to earth, perfect gentleman and above all, God fearing. I have known and respected Barr Boss Mustapha for about Three decades today.

Let me also refresh the minds of Nigerians that Barr Boss Gida Mustapha would have been the governor of Adamawa State in 1991, but for some primordial considerations which has continued to hamper the emergence of selfless and God fearing leaders in our polity. The appointment of Barr Boss Mustapha from Adamawa State to replace the former, has further strengthened the confidence and commitment of all sons and daughters of Adamawa State and by extension, the North East in the government of Present Muhammadu Buhari. The appointment of Barr Boss goes to show that Mr Presidents love for Adamawa State is total and un shaken.

In this regard therefore, to whom much is given, much is also expected and the only ways we can reciprocate this laudable gesture is to give President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling APC 100% of our votes in 2019 and any other election that will come. Let me also use this opportunity to say with the loudest voice that any son or daughter of Adamawa State who is in his or her right state of mind and does not pitch their tent with the APC to wholly support our most revered and amiable President Buhari in all his endeavours particularly the 2019 race, is either a renegade or an imposter.

What President Buhari has done to the North East most especially the restoration of our long lost security situation within the shortest time and the appointment of our sons and daughters into key positions in his government is worthy sacrificing anything.

Let me at this juncture declare on behalf of my humbled self, my immediate and extended family, all those whose confidence I command, the Adamawalites and indeed the good and peace loving peoples of the North East, that, we endorsed fully the return and enthronement of President Muhammadu Buhari as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019 for another Four years so that he will further give the needed glamour to his life touching and laudable programmes for our dear country Nigeria.

Who then is Boss  Mustapha?

As aforementioned herein above, the political class and all Nigerians are lucky that President Muhammadu Buhari considered Barr Boss Mustapha worthy as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation. This is a man that is caring and has listening ears. He respects the human dignity, detribalized, sociable and above all, has the fear of God.

If anyone has the opportunity to meet Barr Boss Mustapha, you will certainly be convinced that, he truly fits into the descriptions aforementioned. When the appointment of Barr Boss was announced, the entire Adamawa State and the political environment went agog. His coming as SGF is not only a blessing to the APC folks but to the government of President Buhari. Within few days of his appointment, he cement the near crying shame relationship between the executive and the legislature.

He has treated several state issues with all seriousness. Barr Boss Mustapha will not only galvanise support for President Buhari and his government, but he will help to entrench the much needed reform in the polity and ways President Buhari’s government relates with the citizenry. For us in Adamawa State, his appointment is our strength and the greatest hope to remain afloat in the polity.

The former SGF is from Adamawa State. With the appointment of Barr Mustapha as SGF, who is incidentally is from the same state,  what has really change?

Certainly, there will be noticeable difference. Barr Boss Mustapha is a renown politician of repute spanning over three decades while the former is a businessman and an engineer turned politician. Their approaches to issues will certainly differ. I strongly hold that their ways will be significantly distinct for the mere fact that, Barr Boss is a politician with compassion and has respect for human dignity.

The coordination of President Buhari’s government is now safe as it is manned with a capable hand who is versatile and conversant with the inner workings of the system. The former SGF did his very best under the circumstances he found himself, but his good was not enough to the admiration of all. His approach to issues were circumspect and not in tandem with the bureaucracy and protocols.



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