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Failure Of Government Responsible For Killings – Sultan




The Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence Alhaji Abubakar Saad 111 has attributed the incessant killings particularly in the North Eastern region of Nigeria to the failure on the part of government inability to discharge their duties as expected.

Sultan who is the chairman of the Northern Tradition Rulers Council stated this in his remarks at the councils General Assembly which held yesterday in Kaduna.

The General Assembly which had the Chairman of the 19 Northern states traditional rulers council state chairmen in attendance also had representatives of the council chairman from the South South, South West and South East.

According to the Sultan, the meeting will discuss on issues affecting the people, issues of good governance at all levels, justice to all mankind.

“As a Fulani leader, I am the leader of fulani’s in this country, and in the west African subregion, I live with so many people and I know their problems , and I will never call on any Fulani to pick up arm to kill anybody.

“I have said it so many times at so many fora, those people picking up arms killing people are criminals and who ever you are, whether you are Igbo , Hausa, Yoruba or Fulani, you have no right to take up arms and kill anybody.

“If you see such thing happening,  then their must be a failure of government , but if government wake up to their responsibility, some of this things will not happen” the Sultan stressed.

He said,  “as usual, at this meeting when we come yo close session we are going to discuss on so many issues facing us in this country which I believe at the end of the meeting , we will have a communique which we will send the proceedings and the communique to our political leaders to see if they want to implement any of our recommendations.

“We dont have any power to force anybody to implement anything, as royal fathers , as religious leaders , we can recommend certain things, we can advise, because leadership is not a monopoly of one individual group or society, its a responsibility for all, both the lead and those leading. And people must listen to those that are leading so that we all could be on the same page, as we are struggling to build our great country Nigeria where no man is oppressed.

“I will like our brothers from the south to tell us things that they are not comfortable with, that are being done in this part of the country, (North) because all of you here are representatives of your various community living with us here.

“Tell us what you think we should do to make life better for every body, as we will tell you too what to do to make live better for our people living with you, because we are great family and we will continue to extend that hand of love to every body, irrespective of tribe or religion, irrespective of political party lineage.

“During the discussion, we will discuss some of those issue that are of concern, like the herdsmen/farmers , clash, the various irresponsible killing of innocent women and  children, that people don’t want to talk about- we must talk about this things and we call on the governors never to keep away those things from their table, we can not keep such things under the carpet, because if we do that, we are encouraging more of such dastardly act to be carried out by others.

“We have seen how innocent people  have been killed, innocent childeren of two years, pregnant women killed, children brought out of their mothers womb- I don’t know the type of people we  are. This are the issues we are saying we will never stop talking about them, untill our political leaders take the responsibility up and help us out so that we have peace because without justice , there won’t be peace.

“So we will discuss some of this issues amicably  in a public manner so that when comment are made publicly, they are not misconstrued to be people calling for war or instability in the country.

“When we make such comment , it is to alert our political leaders of their responsibilities of what they should do. When we don’t do that, almight God will ask us on the day of judgement, that’s why we keep on talking about this, and will will never call on anybody to take up arms.

“We keep on calling on everyone to please maintain peace and allow the constituted authority to take up this issues and we will continue to put pressure on them, untill they find solution to this dastardly act.

“We will talk about issues affecting our women and youth, am talking about the drug abuse menace, it has been there, and it is getting out of hand, we will discuss this during the meeting to see how we can assist our various authorities on how to bring this to the minimum level.

“The abuse of drugs by women and youth is a very serious issue , we will discuss that and other insecurity issues affecting this country.

“We will also discuss issue on IDPs, because , I was told about a survey made, and there is about 50,000 orphans in each camps. Children who don’t know who their parents are. If we allow those children to grow up in IDP camps without knowing who their parents are, then we have a big problem in our hands.

“Nobody will later  know of their wherabout. This is among the issues we are to discuss, and the possibility of some of us to adopt them, after discussion with various government officials in their  various camps, we will know how we can take some of them as our own children. We have started doing that, we have taken 150 children, and we will educate them to highest level” he said.


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