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8th House Has Passed Unprecedented Number Of Bills – Dogara




Speakerof the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has said that the Eight Houseof Representatives has passed a record number of bills and motions.

He notedthat the achievement was only made possible through the contributions andcooperation of members of the House, and thanked them for their unwaveringsupport for his leadership.

TheSpeaker who said this at a short ceremony where he was handed over the NewTelegraph Newspapers’ Award for Public Service in 2017, which the House Leader,Femi Gbajabiamila, received on his behalf, noted that Nigerians will celebratethe 8th Assembly after the expiration of their tenure in 2019 as more billswould be passed in 2018.

“Let me first of all thank my brother here for standing in for me while I wasunavoidably absent, but as they say for a good cause. I was away in Rome and itwas a good thing that he stood in for me.

Knowingthat he is the Leader of the House, I felt that he is the most appropriateperson to do that, because when you’re talking of effective leadership in thePublic Service, there’s no way it can be provided without the support ofothers, especially when it comes to the business of the National Assembly.”

“Weall know that unlike the Executive where not all are elected into leadership,in Parliament, you didn’t bring anyone into the House, so there’s always thatparity. I want to say in recognising that the House of Representatives has beeneffective and item has been on account of the contribution of all of us, all members,and as I am accepting this award, I do it on behalf of all members.”