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Hijab Saga: Avoid Sentiment, NACOMYO Tells Judicial Educational Council



By Adebayo Waheed, Lagos

The Judicial Educational Council has been urges to tow a ‘line of reasoning ‘ and applied wisdom in dealing with the controversial denial of a University of Ilorin female Muslim law graduate, Amasa Fridaus from being called to bar.

The National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations  (NACOMYO) in a statement on Wednesday, said the Hijab saga would have been un-required and eschewed if the National Council of Legal Education (and the Law School) which stopped her from appearing for the mandatory ‘call to bar’ ceremony had respect the country ‘s constitution on freedom of religion.

Apparently reacting to the incident which had attracted varied comments and NACOMYO’s national president, Kamal’deen Akintunde presumed that court verdicts in similar cases in Osun and Lagos States in favour of use of  ‘hijab’ wearing by students were ample and tolerable.

“Amasa Fridaus should be given a ‘pat on the back’ for her insistence as she is one of those young and courageous graduates who by their now expertise, would want to test their ability and the knowledge they have acquired,” it said.

NACOMYO observed that the Council of Legal Education’s action amounted to perversion and rape on the Nigeria’s constitution, regrettably by those who supposedly should know better and protect it.

The group noted that the Legal Education Council’s behaviour had become the practice elsewhere in specialised and uniformed professions, thus constituting impediment to (female) Muslims who so desire to adorn and adopt the ‘hijab’ as a dressing code.