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My Life Is In Danger, Widow Of Slain Man Cries Out



The widow of a man found murdered in Otupko last week Wednesday, have raised the alarm saying her life is in serious danger.

Passersby found the remains of the late Abdul Olanrewaju in the bushes off a deserted foot path in Otupko, and alerted the nearest police station, where officers quickly swung into action.

Speaking exclusively with Leadership in her hideout in Abuja, widow of the deceased, Faith Onyedikachi Ogumka, said she was afraid for her life, as she was certain her husband was a victim of occult killing.

The grieving widow explained that her family has lived in fear of their lives for over a year now, after her husband, who was a repentant member of a known cult group, began receiving death threats.

Her words: “My husband used to be a member of an occult group unknowing to me. But I began suspecting after we got married and I threatened to get a divorce. But he begged me not to leave promising to cut ties with the cult group, which he said he became member of while in the university.

“Unfortunately, after he informed the group of his plans to leave, they said it was impossible as he already knew all their secrets. They threatened both our lives. My husband then decided to get a transfer from his place of work so he can relocate from Benue and hopefully be safe in a far away place. We even changed our residence in Otupko, but they found out our new address, and they told him we are not safe anywhere in Nigeria.”

The visibly shaken woman told our correspondent of the many times she and her husband would have to sleep in friends or relatives home when she was around, just because they were too scared to sleep in their own home.

“I work in Abuja, and I’m either with my husband at weekends or he would come over to Abuja. We were constantly stalked and threatened,” Ogumka said.  “They told us nowhere was safe. And I know by granting this interview my life is over, the secret they are trying to cover by killing  my husband is now out. Don’t be surprised if my dead body is found tomorrow,” she said through tears.

Until his death, the victim lived at no 3. Uloko lane Otukpo, Benue state, where he works with a real estate firm.

Abdul who was found murdered on the 13th of this month, had left for work as usual the previous day. His widow said she feared the worst when she couldn’t reach him all day on his mobile number.

By the next morning when still couldn’t reach him, she said she took an excuse from work and headed to Otupko. On arriving she went to make a complaint at the police station but was told she couldn’t file a missing person’s report until 48 hours after he was last seen.

“Later that evening I was called to come and identify the corpse of a man who was found. I was shaking all over as I went to the mortuary where the police had deposited the body and it was my husband, his eyes and tongue had been removed,” she struggled to say through her sobs.

“I don’t know what will become of my life after now… my husband was a kind and loving man, I don’t know how I will cope without him. I’m not safe in Benue, not safe in Abuja, not safe at my office. But I owe it to my beloved husband to let the world know that the cult are responsible for his death”. “Pls madam journalist, please help me tell the world,” she pleased with our reporter.

Confirming the incident, the Inspector in charge of the case, Fidelis Ovoi, said, the police recovered the corpse after a passerby sighted the body.

He said: “Occults related killings are on the rise these days, but the police is doing all it can to crack these deadly gangs. We will leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of the matter, but as you know, investigations like this, takes a while because people are afraid to come forward with useful information”.

On what is the fate of Mrs Ogumka, Mr Ovoi said, “Our advise to her is to leave Benue State and also her residence in Abuja, in the meantime. She should go far away and lay low. If possible she can change her name just to mask her identify in order to stay safe.”