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The Untamed Silent Killer



By Dr. Akinlolu Adelaja

This is the title of the book I wrote as a Youth Corps member serving in Kwara State in the year 2000 on the dangers posed by DRUG ABUSE to our society.

Quoting from the poem I wrote in the book to summarize the Stages of Drug Abuse and its output:
”What is this dark object?
I have been told not to taste out of it. Curiosity made me taste it.
Waoh! It it poisonous
Heaven, here I come”

With increasing exposures to drugs of abuse such as Codeine, the Nigerian Youths are gradually endangered by the Untamed Silent Killer.

Terrorists, Cultists, Kidnappers e.t.c. are mostly urged on in their devilish acts by drugs!

With drugs, SEX goes unchecked; with negative consequences: increased prevalence of HIV, unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortions and possibly death!

In addition, the prevalence of musical and home videos which present lavish living styles along with internet fraud, drugs and nudity have not helped our Youths.

For example, Yahooze promoted scammers as having the wherewithal in terms of resources to take care of girls. Now, we have One Corner Dance and others alike.

Music and Home Videos are powerful tools of social engineering with everlasting impacts on the psyche of youths and elders alike, and should be of interest to the Government.

A National Board should be established to constantly orientate our Entertainment/Musical stars and upcoming ones to promote Patriotism, National Unity, Ethical Values and Religious Tolerance.

Codeine and related drugs must be banned and be sold ONLY WITH CLEARLY ENDORSED PRESCRIPTIONS IN ACCREDITED HOSPITALS!

Parents must ensure one of them if not both is regularly around to guide our children and attend to their emotional needs.

We must greatly expand existing tertiary institutions or build new ones to admit more than 70% of qualified admission seekers in-order to take our Youths off the street.

We must change our Mode of Instruction/Training from Theory – Based to Problem-Solving approach.

With a Problem-Solving approach, Graduands will strive to be Employers of Labour and look less towards becoming Employees.

We have very vibrant and intelligent Nigerian Youths, and when properly oriented and engaged will make Nigeria the darling of all Nations!
God Bless Nigeria. Amen.

Dr. Akinlolu Abdulazeez Adelaja wrote in from the University of Ilori




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