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KOWA Party Presidential Aspirant Attacks PMB




A mining expert and Bauchi State gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of Congress for Progressive Change, CPC in 2011, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu Dan China has declared his intention to run in the 2019 presidential race on the platform of Kowa Party.

Speaking to newsmen in Jos Alhaji Abdullahi said the problem of this country was industrialization, lamenting that since the past 35 years there was no single attempt by previous administration to industrialize the country.

“If elected to became the president of this country, I will revive the country using mining and agricultural sector within six months. Eighty per cent of Nigerian youths are jobless. With arable land and abundant mineral deposits in virtually all the states in Nigeria we can not be depending on oil,” he said.

According to him, the  reason why he wants to contest for the seat is to put round pegs in round holes in the country’s administrational system in order to give the people hope and an environment to fulfill their dreams.

In his words “Nigerians are actually suffering and the youths of the country have no hope because, they are not gainfully employed.”

Adamu also emphasized that the Buhari administration is yet to fulfill its campaign promises to Nigerians because he has appointed so many apprentices in his administration.

He said, “How do you want a government to succeed when an appointee, who read and only has experience in law is given the responsibility to manage and develop the transport sector? Look around the president and you would see that he is not putting square pegs in a square hole and so placed his ministers in wrong portfolios.”

On what he intends to bring on board to better the living standards of Nigerians, the presidential hopeful said “As a farmer and a miner, I will diversify the country’s economy, using mining and agriculture in other to provide employment for Nigerians. As an individual I have and I am still providing employment to over 50,000 people and I am sure that mining alone will provide employment for over 80 per cent of Nigerians that are currently jobless across the country.”