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High-Risk Population: Experts Call For Youth Mentoring Program




Experts in human development and psychology has called on the federal government to initiate youth mentoring programmes designed to promote healthy development and functioning of the Nigerian youth.

The use of mentoring to address the need of youths has grown dramatically since early research found that mentored youth were less likely to skip school or engage in drinking, drugs, and violence.

The Michelle’s Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development, MYISD, argues the mentoring programme will focus on helping high-risk youth refocus their strengths in sustainable nation building projects like agriculture and education.

Founder of MYISD, Comrade Michelle O. Peters, at a workshop convened by her NGO on youth development with the theme, “Explore Your Talent And Say No To Crime,” added that youth mentoring is a sure way to reducing unemployment and crime in Nigeria.

Comrade Peters also known as Princess Mimi noted that only few Nigerians see mentoring as an important thing to do, saying more people must see the need to embrace this act in order to guide younger generation to the right paths.

“It is quite unfortunate that mentorship rarely exist in this part of the country which is vital part of development in nation building we encourage our leaders/ philanthropist to mentor people not only from the immediate family but from outside too it helps to reduce unemployment and crime”, she pushed.

She noted, rather dis-satisfactorily, that there are very few Nigerians who have done well and are still doing well in youth development and  called on other good-hearted Nigerians to serve as role models and mentors for the Nigerian youth.

“Much has been said about agriculture as a veritable means to economic development and youth empowerment. And as at today, I doubt if there is any clear road map on how this can be achieved.

“Government can provide storage facilities that will keep farm produce beyond this season. Again, government can buy these produce from individual farms operated by the youths, as soon as they are harvested,” Princess Mimi stated.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador of Ecuador to Nigeria Leopoldo Rovayo, maintained that drug intake is destructive, just as he emphasised that it will be difficult for it to be legalised even though there has been a call to that effect in his country.

Chairman of the occasion and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Platinum Mortgage Bank, Engineer Emmanuel Mbaka, urged youths to desist from drugs as it can destroy their lives by preventing them from chasing their dreams.

Some notable Nigerians were honoured at the event and they included immediate past PDP national chairman, Senator Ahmed Markafi, President of Belema Oil, Jack Rich Tein, Mmanaging Director of Platinum Mortgage Bank, Engr. Emmanuel Mbaka, CEO of Pacific Group, Joshua onyemauche, Senator Ahmed Salau Egembe, Hon Sylvester Agbaga, Prince Harrison  and Founder of  KBK Foundation, Mr Odewale O. Ayodele



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