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Thrills, frills as Ayade, Ex-Gov Duke Lead 250 Others In Bikers’ Carnival



It was thrills and frills as Governor Ben Ayade has led 250 power bikers, including former Governor Donald Duke in an acrobatic display of state of the art exotic power bikes.

The bikers’ segment of the carnival which kicked off at about 2:pm witnessed throngs of spectators who laid siege on the 12-kilometer carnival route to witness the acrobatic and colourful of display.

Leading the charge which took off to an ecstatic start, the revellers screamed and cheered as Governor Ayade and his band of riders took to the road from the Millennium Park.

The Bikers’ Carnival which before today went through a series of rigorous dry runs, lived up to its billing as they pulled tons of stunts in front of the ever cheering crowd.
Chants of “Nothing do you”,

“Ayade carry go” “No vacancy at Diamond Hill”, “Kinetically crystallized for 2019”, as the governor rode past in his scorpion-like exotic bike, while thumbing up to the mammoth crowd.

Justifying the introduction of the bikers carnival which is in its second edition, Ayade said: “The motor parade which you saw earlier is to connect all those who have deep pockets to come and spend their money in Calabar. So, there is an economic model that I am bringing.”

Reflecting on the various metamorphosis the carnival has undergone since its inception, the governor allowed: “It has undergone dramatic change in the last 10 years; from the elderly to the middle age and now to the young people. It was pertinent to change the content of the carnival to reflect the enthusiasm and the adrenaline pumping nature of the young people.

“Before now it was procession and dance on the streets and of course now I am trying to tell the story of migration, trying to bring out the business aspect and trying to connect the youth and inspire them.”

On the brand of bike he rode with his wife, Ayade explained: “I was trying to show the red smart energy in me, red scorpion, but if you look at the head, it is a Crocodile. If you look at the fins it tells you that look, I am an Octopus. You can’t really tell my story, I am kledoic. I have the capacity to change at all times. If I want to be a young person, I will; as a Professor, I will; as a Senator, I will; if I want to behave like a Lawyer, I will; but more importantly I don’t forget my history and where I come from.”



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