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Between Bindow, Atiku And Buhari



By Pwaneno Kadehwodye 

It is now a vogue for Adamawa Gubernatorial Aspirants to adopt a 2019 campaign assertion that “I don’t think I can trust the governor of Adamawa state. He may be an agent now in APC”. This is in response to questions on the relationship between governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar in the light of the latter’s exit from the ruling APC to the opposition PDP.

Firstly, with the 2019 elections fast approaching, serial contestants for the Adamawa gubernatorial seat, seek to generate these issues and criticisms in the mistaken belief that they will gain some political mileage. Specifically, their supposed doubt in Bindow’s commitment to the APC is ostensibly meant to sway President Muhammadu Buhari’s attention away from the governor to themselves especially using the old technique of showering unsolicited encomiums on the President. It worked under the PDP led administration when a wide gulf was created between then Governor Murtala Nyako and President Goodluck Jonathan, leading to the impeachment of Nyako.

Of course everybody has the inalienable right to hold an opinion and seek a mandate, and in deed, aspirants are entitled to their views about governor Bindow, and Adamawa State come 2019. It is even salutary that they try to create doubt rather than provide any shred of evidence that  is capable of questioning the governor’s loyalty to the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari or accuse him of being an agent of another aspirant or political party.

But just so that more serious minds do not get infected by these innuendoes, it is appropriate to reiterate the fact that Bindow is a committed APC stalwart and an ardent supporter of President Buhari, who has refused to be distracted and instead, keeping his eye on the ball of transforming Adamawa State as deserved long ago.  Lotus eaters can go on creating doubts in their own mischievous minds.

But yes, Bindow respects elders like Atiku and treats them with courtesy in line with his refined upbringing and the teachings of his religion. After all, did they not come together on the APC Boat unlike fly in by night entrants from other parties? This does not affect, in any negative way, his staunch stance for his sure 2019 vehicle the APC and as well, political support to Muhammadu Buhari as a person, politician and President.

The Adamawa state government under Bindow and the state chapter of the APC of which he is the leader have publicly endorsed President Buhari for re – election in 2019 in a grand public occasion and are assiduously working towards that goal.

In canvassing for Buhari’s re – election on the platform of the APC especially by people of Adamawa state, Bindow provides concrete and convincing reasons such as the administration’s remarkable success over insurgents that saw to the liberation of 7 LGAs of the state, the prospects of the North East Development Commission, the appointment of several indigenes of the state into influential positions, and so on.

What is particularly surprising in the aspirants’ stock in trade, is the recourse to false claims and innuendoes. For instance, how could anyone say, that Bindow constructed roads in only Yola North LGA at the expense of other LGAs?

These aspirants do not offer promissory plans that beat Governor Bindow’s concrete unprecedented achievements in all Local Governments of Adamawa State. It shows that they are only committed to selfish desire to be governor through lies, blackmail and manipulation of ethno – religious sentiments whose voices are heard only when elections approach.

Let us assume, for argument’s sake, that the governor constructed roads in Yola North LGA alone aspirants concede, are very good. Yola, like  every other capital city of any state, has residents from every LGA. Also, people from every LGA come to Yola daily for interviews, screening, business and so on. So, road projects and other infrastructural facilities in Yola are being enjoyed by people from all the LGAs of the state and visitors from outside. All these have immense socio – economic implications for the state.

Besides, if previous administrations have done the roads in Yola, subsequent ones will focus on other LGAs and sectors; the state would have been more developed.

But even contrary to the lies, the Bindow Administration has  so far constructed over 395 kilometres of roads spread across the state and is currently executing road projects in 17 LGAs. Residents of towns like Mubi, Ganye, Numan, and Guyuk would be shocked to hear the aspirants’ claims because of the road networks there that have completely transformed them. The several completed and ongoing rural roads, bridges and river crossing projects under the second phase of Rural Access And Mobility Project (RAMP) 2 have made tremendous impact on the lives of rural dwellers.

Also, Governor Bindow has declared a State of Emergency in Education and Health Sectors which has seen to the massive intervention and renovation of schools, clinics and hospitals through out the state. The Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency has been adjudged the best in the country.

The Civil Service has been re – positioned through improved working environment, regular payment of salaries and inculcation of modern ethos, making the workers to be effective, efficient, disciplined, prudent, transparent and motivated.

Governor Bindow owes much of the successes of his administration to President Muhammadu Buhari for not only leading the country by example, but by doggedly fighting the insurgents who had overrun parts of the state, fighting corruption, appointing Adamawa sons and daughters into influential positions in good faith. These are in addition to the influential role and positive impact of the First Lady who incidentally hails from the state, and knows first hand, Governor Bindow’s commitment to his work and to President Buhari.

Those who doubt Bindow’s commitment to the APC and President Buhari are evidently blinded by cataracts of selfish ambition or glaucoma of primordial sentiments. Governor Bindow has clearly demonstrated his commitment to the APC not because he wants to clear doubts cast by mischief makers but because he believes that the APC and President Buhari like no other combination, provide the best prospects for sustainable peace, progress and development of Adamawa state and Nigeria.

– Kadehwodye wrote in from Yola




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