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Benue Killings: Women Protesters Besiege Government House



Women protesters yesterday besieged the Benue State Government House demanding President Muhammadu Buhari to end the killings of local farmers in Benue communities by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The women who were wailing and carrying gory posters of women and children killed by herdsmen in the New Year attacks on communities in Logo and Guma local government areas interrupted the meeting between the minister of Interior, Governor Ortom, serving senators in the  state and other stakeholders.

The women expressed worry over the laxity of the federal government in ending the killing of innocent people by the herdsmen.

Leader of the women, Mrs. Rebecca Apezan said the problem between the  herdsmen and farmers in the state started since 2012 and questioned why it has been so difficult and taken so long for the federal government to deal with it.

“This problem of Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Benue State started since 2012 and has continued to linger without the attention of the federal government.

“When we were voting President Buhari we had in mind that Fulani  herdsmen are his people and he know the language he will speak with them, they will understand, but today the opposite is the case.

What is our crime? Have we committed a crime voting for President Buhari? President Buhari has lived in Benue before and knows very well  that the Tiv people are friendly, why is he putting us to shame?

We voted for the president massively but what have we gotten? He is sitting on the fence when the herdsmen are killing our people. We have  been marginalized but we have remained peaceful and committed to the  government,

How can we not cry? Look at how our children, husbands, wives and  parents are being slaughtered like animals,’” she lamented.

She pleaded with the president to immediately end the killings in the  state and threatened that if the killings were not put to an end, Benue women will he forced to occupy the president’s resident until  the problem is solved.

“We want the president to end these killings now, we want the

president to call the Fulani militia to order, we want the president

to protect us, that is the mandate we gave him. We cannot be orphans

in our land,” she said.

Also speaking,  president of the Nigeria Non Governmental Organisation

Network, (NINGONET) Mrs Josephine Haba, lamented the humanitarian

situation caused by the invasions in the state.

She called on the United Nations, federal government, agencies and

individuals to intervene and come to the aide of the victims.

Earlier governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom urged the women to be

calm saying that he has already reported the incidents and has already

started receiving positive response.

He however called for immediate arrest of leadership of Miyetti Allah

Kautal Hore, insisting that they were behind the attack, having

threatened before that they would mobilise their people and resist the

anti-open grazing law.

“But as we have seen the minister we know that the president himself

is here, what Fulani people have done to us is worse than what Boko

Haram has done in the north, because the 250 Chibok girls were not

killed but were taken to Sambisa Forest and were not killed but in our

case, our people are killed and slaughtered like goats by the


Since this people are worse than Boko Haram the president should

declared them as terrorists, treat them as such and handle them with

every seriousness”, he said





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