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My Expectations For 2018



2018 is a brand new year ,with new expectations and aspirations. Nigerians, as incurable optimists who always see the new year as the year they will hit gold and make millions . The year 2017 was no doubt a tough year for Nigerians, even the President Muhammadu Buhari admitted that 2017 was a tumultuous year .The Presidency turned gaffes into an art form last year and if gaffes were a degree ,the presidency had a PHD in them. Below are my expectations for the year

For President Muhammadu Buhari

2018 should be the year ,the President takes charge of his government .Too many infraction happened last year in the presidency and it’s getting obvious some officials in the presidency are bent of demarketing the President and make him unpopular. In the New year the President must rid himself of his allergy to firing people . Heads must roll this year. He must learn to sack people who the lack capacity or are undermining his government in the New Year.

Even die hard Buharists have not come to terms with the appointments gaffe. The presidency became the butt of jokes on the social media, as I saw one headline in an online media,Death Toll rises in Buhari ‘s appointment list. it was a shameful episode and the defence of the presidency was worse. Do you mean nobody in the presidency proof read the list or go through a 2 year list to know if some of the nominees are dead or decamped to rival parties.What happened to quality control or fact check?.

The Secretary to the government of the Federation , Boss Mustapha flunked his first major assignment .Boss was not a boss in his case as he released a list given to him without cross checking or doing due diligence on the list .I expect him to sit up this year and make us forget this momentous gaffe.

In the newsroom ,if an editor makes a major gaffe on the front pages of the Newspaper, the editor knows his head or other heads will roll.Buhari must take responsibility and Heads should roll for this gaffe.It’s time to start taking responsibility as it is getting clearer by the day that some persons close to the president are trying to pull the rug under his feet.

The President must increase the pace of his administration , there is no more time for snail speed decisions ,that should end in 2017. He should engage with the people more , visit more states in the Federation and change the narrative of governance this year .Gaffes should end with 2017 and they should try to reduce Gaffes to the the barest minimum or none at all this year .

I also expect the President to obey court orders this year.Leader of the Shiites movement in Nigeria , Ibrahim El- zazakky should be released without further delay, he has suffered enough. He should be charged to court or released .

I also expect the President to tinker with his cabinet this year. Some persons have no business being in government as they should have been sacked since yesterday. The president should try to resolve the crisis in his party as the APC is a party In power and in the opposition at the same time . There are at least 12 states in the federation where the APC is in disarray .

The president should consolidate on the gains in Agriculture. Agriculture is the biggest success story of this administration and I expect that momentum to be sustained this year.

National Assembly

The legislature is key to the change agenda this year. The National Assembly should put aside their selfish ego and put the country first . The Senate in 2017 was jumping from one scandal to another ,infact since 2015 it has been a tale of one week one scandal . From budget padding to missing budget, from senators releasing hit tracks to even threatening to beat up other people’s wife, to senators who turned to porn stars with award winning sex videos to dancing senators.I have said it several times that the 8th National Assembly is the worst ever in the history of this country.

They still have a chance to redeem themselves this year as they should focus on laws that will improve the lives of Nigerians


The economic and financial crimes commission need to change its strategy this year .Last year the commission got a Upper cut as they lost more than five high profile cases in less than a month. The grandstanding by the EFCC should go with last year.

When it comes to Yahoo boys and the small fishes the EFCC has a high success rate but when it comes to political exposed persons ,they lose their mojo. This is because they don’t prepare their cases properly and have turned media trial as form of defence. The era of arresting, detaining and defaming suspects without due diligence should stop, media trials should stop. We need to see a high profile person go to jail this year.

Enough Of Killings By Herdsmen

Killer herdsmen welcomed us to the New Year by killing more than 20 persons in Benue, probably their reaction to the anti-corruption grazing law. A traditional ruler and his pregnant wife were also killed by suspected herdsmen in Kaduna . This senseless killings must end this year.

The entitlement mentality of the herdsmen must end and all those excuses that the herdsmen are not Nigerians must stop.It’s now obvious that herdsmen and farmers cannot co- exist. Ranching is the only panacea to the constant clashes between herdsmen and farmers and we can’t call it herders and farmers clash because I have not heard of any case of farmers going to kill and maim the herdsmen because they destroyed their crops.

Enough of talk shops by the Federal, state governments traditional and religious leaders , they must take proactive measures to stop this madness. Cattle rustling is no justification for killing ,maiming and raping women and In some cases wiping out a whole generation of families because of wrongs done to them.Thats why we have the police and the courts.No individual has the right to take the laws into their hands .Nobody should abrogate to himself powers to judge and prosecute .

If they are foreign herdsmen then it’s a slap on our security agencies that external forces are invading our country and embarking on a killing spree. The herdsmen thirst for blood is appalling and we are not ready to listen to any excuse for the herdsmen again.

This nonsense must stop in 2018.


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