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2019: PMB Deserves Second Term – Ogbonnaya



The managing partner and consultant Dr Kingsley Ogbonnaya, has said President Muhammadu Buhari, deserves a second term in 2019 general election, based on his achievements in the last two and half years.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP Weekend in an exclusively interview, yesterday, Ogbonnaya said President Buhari, is working very hard to re-balance the several policies to improve the economics of Nigeria repair, the dilapidated infrastructure by diversifying the economy.

Added that President Buhari is someone who hates corruption with passion; he was seen as the only person who could fight corruption to a standstill. He was known for his fight against indiscipline when he was military head of state.

According to him, President has actually tackled the security challenges in the country to the barest minimum. He has curtailed the escalation of the terrorist’s activities so well, through his peace building component, the local government elections in Enugu State which PDP won in all the seventeen local government area would not have been practicable or possible if security in the South East was not curtailed and checkmated by the President.

While applauding and appreciating the President of the efforts and giant strides recorded, “it is time to change the change. It is time to change the pattern. In our value system we need to do more, we need to rebrand the brand. We have indeed witnessed some positive changes since the inception of his administration based on his profound campaign promises.

He called on the technocrat around President to come up with a new brand, global best practices in brand government; develop corporate brand platforms for strong and effective positioning of the present administration.

“Corruption was one of the cardinal campaign promises and the president is combating corruption and corrupt practices head on, however, there are concerns that some campaign promises on waging an effective war against corruption has not been fulfilled.

“This administration must be commended for sanitising the judiciary. The government must have a brand strategy, just like when Mr President was campaigning for the votes of Nigerians; it was the branding of President that earned him the trust and confidence of Nigerians that he will deliver hope,’’ he said.




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