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NPM Is Set to Tackle Failure of Past Political Leadership- Getso.



The National Chairman, New Progressive Movement (NPM) Mustapha Bala Getso has said the new party has come to tackle the myriads of charged up sentiments,past successive government had failed to address.

Mr Getso said the party which is made up of over 90 youth associations has come at a time in the history of this nation where literally every socio political economic machine has grinded to a halt.

He said this grand failure has led to grinding poverty in the land on the path of the masses with high attendant rate of criminality and anomie,noting that the pathetic scenario currently opened up the Vista for the new movement to draw up a resounding far reaching agenda template and touchstone to upsetting the bitter pills of governance that has besieged the nation’s politics over the years.

In this wise ” The axiom of this party is built on ideological learning of a selfless party that is not founded upon class struggles nor the Bourgeoisie.

He added that the party will be devoid of inordinate ambition and antics of godfatherism as it is built on the cornerstone,cardinal and flagship of the ordinary man on the streets and free citizenry of Nigeria.

More importantly any free citizen,irrespective of age,state of origin,religion and status can vie for any position of trust as the party is not founded on ill -gotten wealth of the nation but nurtured and founded and fertilized on the seed of ideology and philosophy to carry the women along to vibrant positions of leadership by addressing the gender question,youth in Leadership and children.

” The issue of money bags politics will be shunned to zero level by demystifying the myth as the NPM is not a father Christmas” he said

He further assured that the party will strictly harness the boundless gains in agriculture as a hub to rapid growth and relig the economy towards building a strong industrialisation base using the populist example of the Asian Tigers abs China as a paradigm.

” besides the party will streamline a rewarding health delivery system,cum education that would benefit the masses and the entire society while adopting a supra technological industry to drive the system to a buoyant economic height by the ordinary Nigerians for Nigerians at all level.

Mr Getso further warned of politics of rancour,divisiveness and bitterness as practised by some politicians and demanded for a politics of brotherliness and oneness.

The party Chairman also mourned the accident which affected 8 of their party stalwarts and claimed the lives of 3 assuring that they will support the children of the victims in their academic endeavours





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