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You Have No Political Relevance, Buhari Group Tells Arewa Youths



The Buhari Solidarity Group,   which identifies itself as Democratic Vanguard For Credible Leadership, has said the Arewa Youth Forum, led by Ibrahim Gambo Gujungu, should not be taken seriously by Nigerians because of its unwholesome antecedents of “political opportunism and harlotry.”

Reacting to the Arewa Youth Forum’s call on President Buhari not to seek re-election because doing so “is inhumane and insensitive”, the leader of the Vanguard for Credible Leadership, Malam Bello Muhammad Shehu Tureta,in a statement,  warned Nigerians not to allow themselves to be misled by Gujungu and his “band of bread and butter activists.”

According to Tureta, Gujungu could not have been speaking on behalf of northern youths whose future “was ruined by corrupt leaders in the past”, and that he (Gujungu) “had worked for the re-election of former President Jonathan “who led a government that made corruption fashionable.”

Tureta described Gujungu as”a man of no political consequence” and, therefore, not in a position to speak for northern youths.

He explained that if Gujungu had any political relevance, following and clout”, former President Jonathan would not have lost the election despite the fact Gujungu campaigned for his re-election.

Malam Tureta added that Gujungu had no electoral value to anybody, and that his advocacy was predicated on immediate pecuniary gratification rather than the larger interest of the country.

According to Tureta, Nigerian youths are the worst victims of corruption and any group supporting the return of corruption is doing so for personal reasons rather the larger interests of Nigerians.



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