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The Tremendous Power Of The Citizen!



Nigeria, our beloved Nigeria is now a democracy! Whether we know it or not, we practice democracy! Indeed, democracy is defined as the government of the people BY the people FOR THE GOOD of the people!

The people periodically elect their servant representatives to both executive and legislature with the sole mandate of WORKING for the good of their electors!

There is no half democracy or quarter democracy! There is limited or guided democracy. Democracy is in full bloom whenever a citizen has the right to have a say in the selection of those who rule him!

Once we can participate, once a citizen is allowed to take part in that process of selecting by election, then, the citizen by that power becomes the most powerful person and office in a nation!

Nobody is greater than the citizen in a democracy. Or can a servant be greater than his master? Hear it and hear it clear, the president is your servant. The senators are your servants, the governors are your servants and the entire apparatus called government has only one purpose and that purpose is to serve you and serve you well.

Alas, too many of our people don’t know or understand this. The periodic elections we run is the final examination of each four years any person sits in office! No matter the number of cars a person drives or the number of armed vehicles in his or her convoy, the election time is his or her final examination time. And you dear citizen is the almighty examiner!

You determine whether he or she passes or not. You decide whether he or she scrapes through or fails and loses. You the common voter, you the ordinary Nigerian, you are the Boss. You have got a tremendous power called CHOICE! Your choice can be sacrosanct if you want it to be. Your choice can make this nation great or weak, your choice can determine the future of your children and the safety of your family.

You are the BOSS. If you don’t like a governor, you give him a no vote and once a majority of people say no to him, he is out. The same measure must apply to all elected officers regardless of the office they are presently occupying. You did it to former President Goodluck Jonathan who you rejected despite the humongous monies deployed to subvert the public will.

Indeed the power of the citizen, the power of his vote is next to the power of God. In terms of who rules us in a democracy, the citizen can do and undo.

If you don’t like any aspect of government policies, if you don’t like the low funding of education, protests won’t help, strikes won’t help either, those are remnants of the military era. If you don’t like any policy of any government, just wait for them at that time called election time and do the needful.

If you don’t want a government that is not funding the future through education, vote them out. If you don’t like government because there is no employment, just ambush them at election time, lace your boots and give them a kick with your vote. If you want a government that is caring and people oriented, look at all the candidates and their policies and select the one you want, as soon as the most number vote for that person, the person becomes your servant in the quest for a caring country.

Dear citizen, stop making yourselves a laughing stock. Stop worrying about their stealing; stop risking your lives by hauling stones at them, it is not worth it. Just get you voter’s card ready. Sharpen your understanding of the issues and teach others to understand it.

Once enough of the voters understand an issue, together, and  with their votes, they will make any and every office holder to do their bidding!

How can we be talking of minimum wage for donkey years without implementation? It is simply because the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is in bed with those in power! If NLC played its proper role at election times even for once, then senators and all other political office holders will work fast to raise minimum wage. But they know that NLC is not yet ready to wield the big stick called the votes of the millions of Nigerians and their families who want better wages for all!

In summary, you my dear friend and brother, you and your wife and children are the real boss in a democracy and you have got tremendous power to decide the sort of country you want to live in. It is called your vote.

Use it wisely in the coming voting cycle of 2019 and this country will be a far better place for you and your family. But you must learn to digest the issues not the stomach infrastructure they offer to divert your attention and steal your heritage.

Few cups of rice are what they pay you for the penury and lack and poverty you suffer! Few naira notes are what they pay you to live large while you live without schools, hospitals or roads.

Get wise my people and for once take anything on offer but let your choice reflect the future you want and deserve.

Aluta continua.



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