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Angry Libya Returnees Reject N1,000 Transport



Anger among the 315 Edo State returnees from Libya heightened yesterday, and came to the fore when they rejected the N1000 transportation fares given to them by the Edo State government.

This is just as several persons stormed the premises of the Benin Motel Plaza where the returnees are lodged, to find their lost relatives.

Those looking for their relatives peeped through the fence to look for their love ones.

A woman who gave her name as Boss said she was looking for her brother named Aminu.

She said she last heard from him in September 2016 and was still at the premises as at press time.

Another man said he had visited the hotel each time he heard Nigerians have returned from Libya to search for his daughter.

The Libya returnees said it was sad that they were still wearing the prison uniforms that were given to them in Libya.

They claimed that announcement by the federal government that Nigerians should return home made Libyan policemen to arrest those living comfortably in the country.

Many said they lost their money to the forceful arrest and deportation.

Efosa Clifford, aged 43, said he spent over N1.3million on his failed trip to Europe.

He said, “If there was good liberty in Libya, life is good there, it is just that blacks have no free movement in Libya.”

Gabriel Edokpaigbe said it would be a shame for him to go back to his father’s house after he sold all his belongings to travel to Europe.

He said the N1000 would not take him to his destination.

Christian Otoide who said he is based in Lagos State said he was still wearing the prison uniforms and had no clothing to wear.

He said they were promised many things in Libya and was forced to join the federal government flight instead of the IOM programme.

“How will N1000 take me to Lagos? We were working in Libya but Libyan police said our government said the country is good.”



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