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Motorists Decry Return Of Fuel Queues In Abuja




Motorists in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have decried the

return of fuel queues at filling stations and appealed to the federal

government to make good its promises of making the product available.

Some motorists who spoke to LEADERSHIP said the artificial scarcity of

premium motor spirit (PMS) is an attempt to frustrate the citizens to

accept any increase in the price of the product.

Mr. Emeka Ezechukwu, a taxi driver said that the fuel scarcity makes

his job frustrating, which, according to him, is his only source of

living and the livelihood of many other Nigerians.

Ezechukwu stated that the fuel scarcity has drastically reduced his

daily income, due to loss of working hours spent at filling stations,

just as he queried a situation where black marketers get the product

to sale to motorists at exorbitant rates.

Also speaking, another motorist, Mr. Joseph Danlami said that he

doubts the genuineness of the federal government to make life better

as, promised during election campaign.

Danlami noted that it is rather unfortunate that the citizens would

have to struggle with financial challenges and other hustles and still

have to face another challenge of getting fuel for movement.

“It baffles me to see that we are experiencing fuel challenges after

all the promises that the APC government made to Nigerians. We

struggle to put food on the table for the family and have to waste

hours queuing to buy fuel at a price that we never thought of,” he


Mr. Bulus Dogoniya said that the scarcity is a calculated attempt by

the government to hike fuel prices and make the product available so

that the common man won’t comply. He however, warned that such grand

plan will be vehemently opposed.