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Dualization Of Calabar-Odukpani Junction, Ayade Receives Kudos From Critics



Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State was on Thursday showered with encomiums by one of his critics , the immediate past Chairman for the state Chapter of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) Mr. Goddie Akpama for shifting road construction equipment from Calabar metropolis to construction site to kick-start the process of dualizing the Calabar Odukpani junction federal Highway road project which has been death trap to motorists owing to the number of failed culverts on that road.

The road which connects Calabar ,the state Capital with her neighbouring state of Akwa ibom and other adjoining states had been a death trap for motorists leading to loss of several lives even before Ayade came on board as Governor.

Briefing journalists in Calabar on the recent development about the governor’s move to dualize the federal highway, Critic of the Ben Ayade government, Mr. Goddie Akpama lauded the initiative of the governor saying that the Calabar Odukpani Highway which is known for traffic hold ups and impeding of vehicular movement due to the numerous hold ups that occur at regular intervals when a commuter wants to travel to and fro Calabar would become a thing of the past.

Akpama stated that in the past he used to criticize the government of Professor Ben Ayade due to the existence of inaccessible roads to the state capital which he felt the government wasn’t doing enough to salvage the situation adding that now that the governor had taken a bold step to salvage the situation he why would he criticize the governor again with regards to accessible road to the state capital?.

The former IPAC boss in Cross River State lauded governor Ben Ayade administration for daring to kick-start the dualization process of the federal highway which according to him would make life comfortable for residents of the state and their neighbors from the sister state of Cross River and Akwa Ibom and the adjoining communities in the area.

Akpama stated that should Gov. Ben Ayade successfully finished executing the road project without any hitch, Ayade would not only have succeeded in winning the hearts of many crossriverians but would have succeeded in writing his name in the sand of time because of the road project.

He said “with the project,Ayade’s image is going to soar high to an enviable heights making himself more famous that he had been”

In his words, Akpama said, with the construction machines like bulldozers, and workers being moved to site to kick-stark the process of executing the project, Ayade’s popularity has increased from where it had been to 98%.

Ayade’s former critic stated that thatsingular act alone is going to make people vote the governor back to office come 2019 and urged the youths to return the governor in 2019 when he finally indicate interst to run vie for the seat of he governor again adding that dualization of that road project will add value to the economy of the state.

The former IPAC charged contractors handling the project to re-double their efforts toward executing the project speedily so as to facilitate businesses in the state given the fact that the road linked Cross River and Akwa Ibom adding that it was on the basis of that that the dualization process have received several accolades from motorists in state and Akwa ibom state.

Akpama stated with this development, I now see Gov. Ben Ayade from a different perspective I had always seen him. I can comfortably ask the youths to vote him again”.iT isn’t all about party affiliation but about governance and service to the people”.

“I had always been an ardent critic of Gov. Ayade due to his previous style of governance but with the project on ground I think he has changed the political equation”. Akpama maintained.

Also speaking on the road project, another APC stalwart and critic of Ayade stle of governance in the state, Comr. Okon Emmanuel, said, “It isn’t all about any political party, but we are talking about how to salvage the state from imminent collapsed. And service to our people. i am now his convert because of what is on-going, I can assure him of my support in 2019”,

Howver, a commercial driver Kingsley Bissong who spoke to our correspondent about the dualization of the road project said that Ayade has ended the ordeal face by motorists who were used to spending about one or two days along that axis whenever they had need to drive through that axis which was the only route to and fro Calabar, from other states of the federation



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