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Centre Commends PMB Over Abubakar’s Appointment As NIA Chief



Renowned rights group, The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET), says it is excited over the recent appointment of Ahmed Rufai Abubakar as the head of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

While congratulating Mr. Abubakar, the group said his appointment is reassuring and has proven that he is most competent person for the job.

The group’s Executive Secretary, Isaac Ikpa in a statement, said Abubakar’s appointment was well deserved, considering his sterling contributions to ensuring the security of the country.

Ikpa said, “CESJET wholeheartedly endorses his appointment as one that will further rein in the elements that have been hell-bent on sabotaging Nigeria.

We therefore salute the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for making this uniquely apt appointment.

” It shows the administration’s commitment to frontally deal with the security problems facing Nigeria from their respective international dimensions.

“Having served as a senior adviser in the Multinational Joint Task Force of the regional coalition of countries in the fight against Boko Haram and other trans-border security threats, we have confidence that Mr. Abubakar has sufficient grasp of the security threats with international facets while he has first hand experience working with the situation. The work he has done at the United Nations place him in vantage position to leverage on his contacts there to get the job done.

“It is however disheartening to discover that the same agents of destabilization that have done all in their power to mess Nigeria up have immediately jumped on Mr. Abubakar’s appointment in their desperation to satisfy their perverted paymasters. Nigerians might have been misled by the rantings of such noise boxes but for the antecedents of those making misguided comments against the appointment.

“It is no surprise that the rank of these emergency critics is led by no other than Nigeria’s most popular police deserter, and the Senator representing Bauchi Central, Senator Isah Misau, who can only see others from the prism of the depravity that made him abandon his duty post to patronize native doctors. A tainted service record in the police is certainly not the right qualification to license someone as an authority to criticize the appointment of the head of the NIA.

“Misau’s minions in the campaign of calumny are in the first instance not trained security experts other than being paid activists, a calling that they have taken to a ridiculous new low. The fact that Misau is abusing the weight of his current public office to make pronouncements beyond his remit does not qualify his position as facts that should be considered.

“We have also watched several other wannabe security pundits trying hard to make names for themselves by futilely casting aspersions on Mr. Abubakar’s capabilities. We find these ones even more pitiable by their ringleader, who had at least an unmeritorious outing in the Nigerian Police Force. To these ones, our suggestion is that they should avail themselves of the various federal government intervention for indigent persons under President Buhari’s government.

“It would be far more productive for them than the ongoing charade, their interventions are as ridiculous as mechanics advising on how a surgeon general should be appointed.

We sincerely hope that Mr. Abubakar would not allow the activities of these charlatans distract him from the national assignment entrusted to him. We assure him that he has the unwavering support of Nigerians to succeed in his assignment as he goes about working for the country.”

The statement further advised Nigerians to be circumspect and not allow themselves to be taken in by persons whose only interest lies between lining their pockets or sinking our dear fatherland.




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