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Kaduna Govt. To Review Teachers Remunerations And Other Welfare Packages



Kaduna State Government has,on Sunday, said plans are underway for upward review of teachers renumerations and other welfare packages that would make the profession more attractive.

Ja’afaru Sani,the state’s commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, told a news conference in Kaduna, the state is to introduce attractive incentives for teachers in rural areas as part of ongoing reform to ensure quality education in the state.

Sani, who gave update on ongoing recruitment of 25,000 teachers for public primary schools in the state, said it become necessary to motivate and retain qualified and professional teachers posted to rural areas.

Sani, said the state’s Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) would ensure that the first batch of new teachers to be recruited are available for deployment to schools next month February.

He stressed that there would be no compromise on quality in ongoing recruitment of the 25,000 new teachers.

On the second chance for the 21,780 sacked primary school teachers who failed competency test, Sani said that the state has never exempted any of them from reapplying.

Sani, commended parents and other relevant stakeholders for supporting the government in its effort to reform the education sector for the benefits of over 2 million pupils in the state.

He said Kaduna education will no longer will be a dumping ground for unqualified teachers:”Currently, we have more teachers in urban areas than we have in rural areas because the salary package is the same and so when ever teachers are posted to rural schools they redeployed to urban centres.

“Gov Nasir El-Rufa’i has directed the ministry of eduction and other relevant stakeholders to come up with juicy incentives that will keep quality teachers in rural areas.”

“We will also introduce a programme of identifying “supper teachers” and motivate them to encourage the clamour for excellence in the teaching profession, “he added.

“But I want to assure you that the state government will not shift its ground in entrenching quality and standard in teaching and learning in its schools.

“The El-Rufa’i led-administration strongly believed that only access to affordable and quality education would ensure social mobility for children of the poor to have improve standard of living.

Sani added :” This is because only quality eduction will equip them with the needed skills to be creative, inventive and be part of the social movement towards development and self fulfilment, “Sani said.

“No window was shut against any teacher who failed the June 2017 competency test.

“The Governor had asked the affected teachers from day one to reapply and about 12, 000 of them had applied”

“Therefore, for those that did not apply, recruitment is an ongoing process in the public service. Once the first batch are recruited, SUBEB will identity teachers gap and will continue to recruit, “he said.

“Let join hands in ensuring that that standard is maintain in our schools and no self or political interest stand on the way of providing quality education yo our children, ” Sani said.





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