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I Was Never Involved In Anti-party Activities – McEva Temofe



Following a publication on a daily newspaper (not LEADERSHIP) that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ‘Ward 2 Ward Initiative’ has expelled some members of the organisation over what it described as anti-party activities, McEva Temofe, whose name also appeared has disassociated himself from such announcement.

The said expulsion which was signed by Shekulomaso Kamal Karka, national coordinator and Ikechukwu Ojukwu, national legal adviser of the PDP Ward 2 Ward respectively, said that the expulsion of the members had become necessary so as to maintain the integrity of the organisation.

But in a swift reaction, McEva Temofe said there was no time he was expelled from the organisation adding that those who alleged his expulsion were not members of the organisation.

“It is very unfortunate we have few journalists with the professional rod. Most are driven by money and not passion. They report stories without investigating for concrete proof. Most of their report is watery and financially biased.

“Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. It is also the product of these activities. In this era, assessing news and information is thrown into the bin.

“After this ordeal, I have had countless interviews with embarrassing questions, e.g why were you expelled from an organisation? What did you do? Why were you involved in an anti party activity?

“I have heard the pressmen ask these questions countless times and it hurts my ears and make me give it a deep thought to letting the world know I was never expelled from any organisation.

“Reference to the first paragraph about untrue journalism; I was published on the dailies for false anti party activities which states ‘GROUP EXPEL MEMBERS OVER ANTI PARTY ACTIVITIES’. If you read through the publication, you will find out the false anti party activities made mention of was not defined. I’m still in shock at the highest height of unprofessionalism of the journalist who reported such character defamatory publication.”

“My call is to inform the media I was never and have never been expelled by any organisation. I’m a youth with a passion to help build a better society for peaceful coexistence. Let the world as a whole, see Africa and Africans as a people of the people and a safe atmosphere for business initiatives,” he concluded.




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