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“Sponsored Protest Against Boroh’s Sack, Signs Of Desperation”



Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, a former Security adviser to the Bayelsa State Government, has described as “signs of deaperation” and “attempts to cover up corrupt practices” the ongoing sponsored protest and rallies organised by some persons against possible sack of the Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Committee, Brig. General. Paul Boroh.

According to Kpodoh, though the competence of Brig. General. Paul Booth had been called to question severally by the people of the Niger Delta region over rising cases of unpaid amnesty allowances, recurrent militantcy and improper consultation, the sponsored protest against his removal by President Muhamadu Buhari is unnecessary and a show of disloyalty.

Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, who was reacting yesterday in Yenagoa to the reported controversy over the possible sack of the Presidential Amnesty Implementation programme, Brig. General. Paul Boroh, said the sack of the Amnesty boss will reduce cases of militancy and improve consultation between the Presidency and the youths from the creeks and waterways of the Niger Delta region.

Kpodoh, who is a kinsman to Brig. Gen.Paul Booth from Sagbama Local Government Council Area of Bayelsa State, said the amnesty office under Boroh had become a bedrock of corruption with contracts awarded to cronies and the amnesty funds not judiciously accounted for.

According to kpodoh, “‎though many Niger Delta Elders had written petitions and called the attention of the President,Muhammadu Buhari to the rot and fraud in the Amnesty programme under the various leadership including Brig. Paul Boroh without success, the decision to sack him would be welcomed and needed to redeem the image of the Anti-corruption campaign of the present administration.”

‎,” We are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate the Amnesty office under Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh because it stinks. Despite his affirmed incompetence, Boroh and his cohorts have plundered the Amnesty funds with inflation of number of beneficiaries, diversion of funds and tampered contract payment.This is also what is going on with monies meant for amnesty being used to sponsor protest against his sack.”

“The criminal trail left behind by the former Amnesty Boss is being taken over under the present leadership. After disgraceful spending of Amnesty money,we are shocked that Brig. Paul Boroh is desperately seeking to retain his office. President Buhari should as a matter of policy, investigate how the last budgetary allocation was spent. How can the last allocation be expended without additional provision for inclusion of new beneficiries”

“The presidency should as a matter of urgency invite the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to investigate petitions against the office. The Amnesty office have become a conduit pipe for the various Chairmen appointed under Former President Good luck Jonathan, and now President Muhammadu Buhari. The investigation will end the embarrassing cases of militancy in the region. ”

“‎At a time, Boroh was alleged to be pocketing a whopping sum of $700,000 in school fees for his ghost 20 ex-militants that he has fraudulently bloated to 70 delegates,” one of the ex-militants. ‎A preliminary check at the amnesty office in Abuja revealed that there exists some level of conspiracy between some officials of the amnesty office and the contractor to corruptly enrich themselves.”

Also reported against Boroh, was a reported case of intimidation of petitioners with threat being by armed soldiers and that they would be delisted from the Amnesty payroll without a just issue against them.This is a clear case of gross misconduct against Boroh.”

‎‎Kpodoh also called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to investigate issues of incompetence and misuse of unspent Amnesty fund through hosting of seminars, meetings and lectures not needed,” when the issues of renewed militancy started,the incompetence of the Amnesty Boss was revealed but instead of gathering genuine stakeholders to assist the present administration. He was busy organising seminars and nonchallant meeting with little funds.”


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