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CMB Reginonal Centers Celebrate 20 Years



A Regional Center is an organisation designate to sponsors capital investment projects for
investment by EB-5 investors. Regional Centers help EB-5 investors and project developers because
they lessen the difficulty of meeting qualifying job creation requirements under the USA EB-5 Visa

A regional center can be any private or public economic entity that is involved with the promotion of
increased domestic capital, job creation, improved regional productivity, and increased economic
growth. Regional centers are best for EB-5 applicants who are more concerned with obtaining
residency status rather than directly managing an investment on their own.

Many investors find the regional center investment model attractive because the investor can live
anywhere in the United States. They don’t need to live by the project. Additionally, the investor and
dependents (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) can also live, school and work
anywhere because employment is not tied to the new project.

CMB Regional Centers is one of the oldest active Regional Centers in the EB-5 industry and our
company founder and CEO, Patrick F. Hogan, has been involved with the EB-5 program since 1994, which coincides with the establishment of the Regional Center Pilot Program.

Originally designated in 1997 to operate in and around six former or realigned military bases across
three California counties, CMB Export LLChas since expanded to cover the entire State of California
and Nye County Nevada. The original CMB investment concept focused up on communities that had
been devastated by California military base closures, which resulted in the loss of the tens of
thousands of jobs associated with the operation of those military bases.

Today, CMB operates 15 Regional Centers and has scope within 21 states. The EB-5 investment
focus for each Regional Center is infrastructure construction. CMB has worked in partnership with
government entities such as cities, counties, redevelopment agencies, port authorities, joint power
authorities, airport authorities, state government, and public/private partnerships. CMB has
experience in collaborating with all levels of government and private industry to achieve the primary
goal of the EB-5 program-create jobs in the areas of the country that need them the most.

CMB has raised over $2.8billion in EB-5 investment capital which has been combined with
approximately $10billion in public and private funds. This combination of capital and the multiplying
effect of spending is projected to generate over 143,000 (direct, indirect, induced) new American jobs
through projects funded since 2007. CMB has been able to achieve this record while working in
significantly depressed areas of the country. These regions are filled with opportunity. They simply
need some help tore start their economic engine.

CMB Regional Centers’ affiliate company, CMB Swiss Co GmbH (“CMB Swiss Co”), is the exclusive
sourcing company for all CMB EB-5 Partnership.

If you are interested in learning more about CMB (current projects) and the EB -5 Program, please
contact us: